Feb 28, 2013

Dr Seuss Week: Cat in the Hat Contact Paper Craft

Welcome back to Dr. Seuss week! The little guy and I have been so busy with our activities and crafts I wasn't even sure which one to put up today! We had so much fun doing this craft. It is a great art project and sensory activity for little ones! These are the materials you will need : clear contact paper, red tissue paper (we used crepe paper because it was a much better bargain at Target and has a ridged texture that gives it an added sensory bonus), and white tissue paper (we just used some that was leftover from a gift!). You will also need a piece of white paper to make the base of the hat. I did this part for Kingston, of course, but an older toddler could try their hand at cutting on a parent created dotted line with safety scissors! 

I cut the contact paper into a rectangular shape. Then, I ripped the white tissue paper into random pieces and cut the red crepe paper into strips. While I was preparing the craft, I put Kingston in his high chair with a bunch of white tissue paper. He loves to crinkle, scrunch, and wave the paper around!

 Before peeling the backing off of the contact paper, I gave it to him to explore. Then I peeled it off and taped the piece of contact paper sticky side up to his high chair using masking tape. This was a must since Kingston loves to tear stuff apart and try to eat it! Then I put a pile of the red and white papers in one of the compartments on his high chair and left him to it! 

It was right to the mouth of course!! I showed him how to stick the pieces onto the paper and that the contact paper was "sticky". He had a good time smacking it with his palms and experiencing the sticky sensation. I talked to him about the colors red and white and the Cat in the Hat. Unfortunately, we do not have the Cat in the Hat book or I would have read it to him during our craft! It is definitely on the list of books we need for his library.


My little destructo was really good at ripping the tape and his project off his high chair. It ended up in his mouth anyway of course. Next time there will be MORE tape! But for now, he got a little added sensory experience! 

After he was done, I put a second rectangle of contact paper over the top of it and trimmed the uneven edges. I then cut that base of the hat out of white paper and glued it onto the bottom. Voila! The Cat in the Hat's Hat .. the abstract baby made version of course!! 

Let us know if you do this craft in the comments section! Stay tuned for more Dr. Seuss crafts!


  1. Okay, I have to say, that is the cutest little one in all the Dr. Seuss craft posts so far!
    And I love the craft idea, by the way! So fun for toddlers or preschoolers!

    Thanks for link it up with our Dr. Seuss link up!

  2. Thank you so much!! :) I really appreciate it! Thanks for providing the link up!