Feb 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week - Green Eggs and Ham

This week at House of Burke, we have been very busy celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday!! Kingston's Dr. Seuss collection is still in its early stages, but I love reading him the fun tongue-twister rhymes of Dr. Seuss. I enjoy the sing-song quality they have when you read them! My favorite story is probably that of the Sneetches .. or the Grinch.. or Horton .. oh man there are too many great ones to even pick a favorite!! Most of them are way above Kingston's reading level at the moment, so the majority of his Seuss library is in board book form.

(Oops we also own My Many Colored Days, which I love, but I forgot to include it!)

While searching Pinterest and other websites for Seuss activities to do with him, I could not find many baby related ones besides a few hand print crafts (which we WILL be doing!) . I am all for including the wee ones in fun of this sort, so I decided to come up with our own activities and crafts to share!! Now through Saturday (Dr. Seuss's birthday!), I will be sharing Dr. Seuss related activities and crafts to do with the very littlest Seussian fans! Because remember ..
      "A person's a person, no matter how small." 

We started with one of my personal favorites (oh who am I kidding? I love them all) - Green Eggs and Ham!

So as I mentioned in a previous post, it seems as if any activity can be made into a sensory activity for a baby. There is just so much they have yet to experience that anything and everything is new to them! Sometimes things we think are too simplistic actually make a great hands-on activity for baby.

Kingston was excited to wear his Cat in the Hat outfit and to prepare him for the days festivities, I spun him around and told him it was Dr. Seuss week! He thought I was silly!

I purchased a large bag of plastic eggs recently at Walmart. I took out all the green ones and gave them to K to play with while I read him Green Eggs and Ham. He was so excited! The very first thing he did was grab them and try to eat them. Once he got comfortable with the unique shape, he started batting them around the room and rolling them all around him. He couldn't decide which one he wanted to explore first. He would pick one up and then drop it to reach for another one. While he interacted with the eggs, I read to him.

He discovered how to open the eggs and had fun opening and trying to close them. The eggs kept his attention for almost the full length of the story. Towards the end, he started paying more attention to the book itself and pointing at the pictures. While reading, I pointed to the different nouns such as "fox", "box", "house", "mouse", etc.

I was so surprised that a 62 page book held a 5 month old's attention! After we read the book, I picked up a green egg and talked about how the egg was the color green and oval shaped. He played with eggs for a bit after our book and then I gave him the book itself to explore. We had an awesome time with this activity and K was a happy little guy throughout the story.

Let us know if you do this activity with your baby and stay tuned for more Seuss activities!!

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