Feb 21, 2013

Kingston: 5 Months

Our sweet baby boy turned 5 months old today. 5 months! Is that possible? Could I really be the mother of a baby that big?! A baby who sits up, eats food, laughs at things that he personally decides are funny?! Oh my little man, where has the time gone?

This month has been a whirlwind of new things and accomplishments for Kingston. He started sitting up independently (although we do need to make sure there is something or someone behind him in case he topples .. which he inevitably always does!) He started eating solid foods a couple of days ago (post to follow shortly!). He found his toes about a month ago, but they just started interesting him this month. He holds on tight to them during diaper changes, unless Mama steals them to nibble on! He seems to have developed his own very distinct personality and opinions this month. He laughs when he finds something amusing without being prompted. He laughs when tickled. He now chooses what he thinks is funny instead of just laughing whenever someone looks at him. On that note, he has opinions on what he wants and when he wants it. If you take a toy or something he is interested in away from him, he cries. If he wants Mama and I leave the room he will scream "MAMA..Mom Mom Mom... MAMA!" Don't let me fool you..i secretly love this new development although it does make getting things done around the house a little challenging. 

He has turned into the most loving little baby I have ever met! He grabs my face all day (and night when I go into his room to nurse him) to give me big slobbery baby kisses. They are hands down the best kisses I've ever received in my life. Sorry Todd, but this kid takes the cake! Kingston loves to hug and cuddle, but kissing is where its at for him. He likes to lay one on you and give a little laugh or a big gummy smile to show you how much he is enjoying showering you with love. It's pretty awesome! He's also crazy social. He loves other babies, his dog, and adults. Especially women. He's a total flirt!


He is also an award winning hair-puller. I swear I will be completely bald by the time he turns 1. Every single time I pick him up or put him down, he wraps my hair around his fingers and yanks. He also likes to pet my hair when he nurses and twirl it which is precious to me because I twirled my hair as child and still do when I'm tired. Speaking of nursing, he has been SO distracted this month. He will be eating and then hear something or someone interesting and pop off to see whats up. Back on. Off. On. Off. It would be fine, except sometimes he tries to take my nipple with him. Ouch!

He is sleeping pretty good now. We had a few rocky nights within this past month. A couple nights where we were up every couple of hours - more so than when he was a newborn! We chalked it up to a combo of congestion and a growth spurt. Every night is different though. You just never know. Most nights he sleeps between 6-8.5 hours in one stretch and then anywhere from 1-3 in the final stretch.. almost always ending up snuggled in bed with us in the morning. 

His favorite toys this month are his exersaucer, Sophie the Giraffe, water bottles/sensory bottles, stacking cups, and blocks. He used to be super interested in books, but seems to be more distracted now when I read to him. We still read anywhere between 3-7 book a day, but he likes to hold them and turn the pages himself. He is very hands on! He loves Touch and Feel books and always touches the pages of a book regardless of it being a Touch and Feel. I think he expects that every book has some kind of sensory fun to explore! 

He is growing up way to fast. Cliche, but true. I praise and gush over each thing he accomplishes and have an overwhelming urge to cry afterwards as it settles in that my baby is getting older. This is about the time I put on Brad Paisley's "Anything Like Me" and sob... Sad, but true. I am so in love with this little man and feel beyond to blessed that I get to be his mommy. No matter how old he gets, I know that I will look at him and feel this overwhelming amazement that I am the Mama of this precious little person. I can't wait to see what he will accomplishment this month! 

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