Feb 17, 2013

Our Story

Before there was the "House of Burke", there was just Blayne and Todd, high school sweethearts. We met and started dating November 1, 2003. After high school, college (for me) and a whirlwind of jobs (for Todd), we purchased a home in June of 2011 and finally tied the knot on October 1, 2011. We were pregnant 2 short months after our wedding with our sweet son, Kingston. I loved being pregnant, minus the hugely swollen ankles/feet and chasing around 2 year olds at 9 months pregnant in the sweltering summer heat! I officially became a stay-at-home mom a little less than one month before I delivered Kingston. We had planned a natural Bradley birth at a birth center near my hometown and took 3 months of Bradley classes where we met two amazing couples who we formed an unimaginable bond with! After devising our birth plan in which we would have an "idyllic Bradley water birth" at the birth center, we gave birth to Kingston on September 21, 2012 via c-section at the hospital after 35 hours of drug free labor, 24 of which were at the birth center and the rest of which was on pitocin. Our birth couldn't have been further away from what we had been "planning", but it was Kingston's birth, therefore the best birth there could have been! As of today Kingston is just shy of 5 months old. We have had an amazing past 5 months filled with milestones and the joy of learning to parent the sweetest baby boy.

So now that you kind of get the gist of it, here is the little man:

Just born ^

1 month

2 months


3 months (Christmas)

This week

Our hilarious little red headed boy is always doing something new! Stay tuned! 


  1. I love watching our babies grow up together. These pictures are precious and you will treasure them for years to come.

  2. Thanks Cassie and I love it too! It is such an amazing thing to think back to our days in birth class when we were all expectantly waiting for our sweet littles and now they are here and growing and changing every day! Love it!