Feb 16, 2013


Who We Are:

Blayne - The Mama - 24

Todd - The Dada - 28

Kingston Alexander - The Little Man - Born 9/21/12

After only being parents for less than 5 months, we are quickly learning that the cliche saying, "It goes by so fast", is in fact the truest statement about parenting! Therefore, this blog will be a living documentation of our little man, our little family, and the little life that we are learning to make for ourselves daily. Welcome! 

I am Blayne, the mama, former infant-kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mommy, education degree holder, lover of all things kid related and crafty! I have an obsession with children's books, learning, and my child! As of right now, we are planning to home school through Kindergarten. Since little man is just a tiny nugget at the moment, I have just started to incorporate some of the activities and projects into our daily lives that I use to do with the babies and kids I taught previously. Teaching my own child has already proven to be the most fun of all! You can expect to see a lot of these things featured on this blog. We are a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, make your own baby food kind of family. I will be sharing all our adventures in parenting, cooking, crafting, learning, and just living life in our little House of Burke. I can't wait to see what this exciting journey brings! Thanks for visiting!

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