Mar 18, 2013

Baby's First St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! For baby's first St. Patrick's Day we had a day of festivities. Growing up, St. Patrick's Day was never anything more than a boiled dinner and a school party. However, I love holidays and we are getting the feel for establishing our own traditions now that we have Kingston!

I really like the idea of a magical leprechaun leaving a little gift for baby/child on SPD. When K is older, we will go all out with leprechaun "footprints", gold glitter, and leprechaun created mischief such as overturned chairs, household items out of place .. think an elf on the shelf type deal.

Here is what Kingston's first St. Patrick's Day looked like:

For every holiday, I like to give him a festive outfit, holiday bib, and a related book. Everything else is up for interpretation based on what he is into at the moment, what I can find in-store, or something I can make.

K sat with Dada in his St. Patty's pajamas while we opened his little basket. First I read him his card. (They have amazing cards at the Dollar Tree, especially for obscure holidays. Sometimes I find better cards there than at big retailers!) Kingston wasn't much interested in the card as expected, but it will go straight into his baby book.

In K's basket was a card, a bib, his shirt for the day, an outfit from Glam*Ma, a leprechaun hat, a book, and a rainbow stacker.

 Kingston wanted to play with the rainbow stacker right away. I found this at HomeGoods, which is one of my favorite stores! It is by the brand Sprig and is made out of recycled plastic and sawdust. I thought that was so cool!! K is totally into anything colorful right now and this toy is a 3-in-1: stacker, shape sorter, and rattle. I think I love it just as much as he does!

While he played, I read him the book The Story of Saint Patrick's Day by Patricia A. Pingry. This book was purchased from the Used Book Superstore on a super sale day! I've had it tucked away for awhile.

I actually learned a lot from this book! I had no idea about the story of Saint Patrick.We are not religious at all, but I appreciate the way this story was told and like learning about different beliefs. All the adults present were intrigued with this gift.

After we were done with the gifts, we did a quick sensory activity using this special edition Lucky Charms cereal. I put some cereal in a ziptop bag and Kingston sat with his Dada while he explored it. It was a simple way for K to feel the shape of a shamrock!

Then we got ready for the day. The rest of our day was spent doing non-holiday related things like seeing Kingston's beautiful Aunta try on her wedding dress and a lovely lunch overlooking the harbor!

Kingston had a celebratory St. Patty's dinner of green peas! Then we all went to his great grandmother's for a family dinner. It was a great day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. Aw he looks so cute in his green outfit - well done for all your celebrations!