Mar 1, 2013

Dr Seuss Week: Dr. Seuss's ABC Book Activity for Baby

Dr. Seuss Week continues! We have lots of crafts to share, but here is a quick and educational activity to do with your littlest Seussian.

This activity is so unbelievably simple, but Kingston loved it. It kept his attention for awhile and gave us an opportunity to go over the alphabet! I definitely don't think it is too early to start introducing the concept of letters to K.

I read Kingston Dr Seuss's ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book while he sat up an played with his ABC links. These links are great for any teething baby. K loves to gnaw on them and wave them wildly in the air!  After every letter description in the book, I paused and found the corresponding link and gave it to Kingston to hold and chew on. He got to experience the letters through sight, sound, touch, and taste. He loved the letter "K" the best .. wonder why?!

After we were done reading the book, we took down Kingston's alphabet picture off of his bookcase. Our dear friend Julie gave it to us before he was born. It says, "K is for Kingston", and has all the letters of the alphabet on it! We love it! I pointed to each letter as I sang K the ABCs. Then I showed him the letter "K" again and told him that K was for Kingston. 

K enjoyed doing this simple activity very much. He loves when we sing the ABC's to him. It was a great way to introduce the concept of letters as something tangible and not just a song.

Please let me know in the comments if you do this activity with your little one! 


  1. I've never seen ABC links -- what a neat version!

  2. The ABC links are awesome and pretty much sold everywhere that the regular ones are sold! We get a lot of use out of them! :)

  3. What wonderful ways to explore the alphabet. I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest.

    1. Thank you so for reading and thank you so much for sharing my post!