Mar 23, 2013

Easter Books for Baby & Toddler

I have had an intense love for reading since I could pick up a book. I used to be obsessed with books for myself, but since my run as an infant-k teacher, I have become absolutely smitten with children's books.

 Before Kingston was born, he already had a collection of over 1000 books, but not many were age appropriate. So since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have been working to build his board book collection. Thanks to the Used Book Superstore, it is now QUITE extensive. Needless to say, his Easter basket is FULL of books. So many books, that I actually decided to give him a few early - some of them are in this review.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought I would share some of the books that I have been reading to Kingston the past week. I will continue to read him these books until Easter. I think that reading is such a fun way to celebrate the holidays with your little ones. K may not know what Easter is yet, but the repetition of what I am introducing him to is reinforcing certain aspects of the holiday. The more bunnies, eggs, chicks, and other Easter related items he comes into contact with, the more familiar he is with these concepts. I like to start off our projects by reading him a related book and then connecting it to what we are doing. I love the idea of reading a book and building an entire lesson around it. When I homeschool Kingston, we will definitely be doing this. Books can be such good jumping off points for extensive lessons!

So without further ado, here is our collection of Easter related books that we have been reading. Some of these books are not specifically Easter books, but fit well with the theme.

1. Hop by Phyllis Root is an adorable book about little bunnies and the activities they do! This book is not an Easter specific book, but definitely fits the bill for us. It is a simple, sweet rhyming book that your baby will love! This book could be a great precursor to any rabbit based project! It is also a great book to practice counting to 5. Each page has 5 sweet little bunnies on it and they are nice and big. I count then with Kingston while I read it!

2. Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? by Karen Katz is a sweet, sparkly lift-the-flap book. It is a little bit girly, but Kingston loves it just the same! He loves the sparkly pictures. They are eye-catching and fun to reach out and grab. We actually own this entire series! The book follows baby on a hunt for her Easter eggs where she encounters a bunch of Easter related paraphernalia along the way. It is really cute and fun for baby to pull open the flaps. I get these books for about $0.50 a piece, so I am not worried about him ripping any of the flaps off!

3. Baby Touch and Feel Easter Bunny by Roger Priddy is such an awesome book for babies and toddlers!! In my opinion, this book is a great book for baby's first Easter! It isn't so much about Easter, but the first page features a big bunny with a carrot and a soft patch of fur to pet. This alone is reason enough to introduce it to baby! The rest of the book is a bunch of sweet baby animals and the touch and feel portion is really satisfying! Some touch and feels just do NOT deliver in the amount of interaction there is. This one does not disappoint. It also has the names of each animal in a big, bold font and a sweet rhyme for each one.

4.The Berenstain Bears Easter Magic by Stan & Jan Berenstain was a rare find at the Used Book Superstore. I am a crazy collector of Berenstain Bear books. I started when I was little. I even used to leave the tooth fairy notes asking for Berenstain Bear books instead of money. I was a little obsessed. When I found this I had to get it. This is a fun, secular Easter book that focuses solely on the Easter bunny and candy! It is right up my alley!

5. That's Not My Bunny by Fiona Watt is part of the Usborne touchy-feely series. We have a HUGE amount of titles in this series and my goal is to collect them all! This one is super cute and is Kingston's absolute favorite Easter book. It isn't technically an Easter book at all, but it definitely fits the theme. He loves the different textures and bunny pictures. Mostly though, I think this book just tastes the best to him. He is always trying to chew it! Silly baby!

6. My First Easter by Tomie dePaola is a simple and secular board book about Easter. I really like that it talks about fun Easter traditions like coloring eggs and Easter egg hunts. The cover and last two pages have glittery eggs and velvety creatures that Kingston absolutely loves to pet and scratch at. This is definitely a great book to include in Easter baskets!

7. Happy Chicks by Russell Julian is definitely not about Easter, but is an adorable book about some newborn baby chicks. The story revolves around the rooster daddy going around and telling the farm animals to come to the barn and in the end reveals that he is a proud new daddy. I like reading this book in relation to the holiday because I can point out the chicks to Kingston and say "peep peep" which he likes a lot. This book would be a great book to read during a farm unit as well. There are plenty of different farm animals in it to point to and name!

8. Spring Peeps! by Cindy Eng is a book I mentioned in this post. Generally I do not love reading licensed or commerical-ish (I totally just made that a word) type books, but this book is cute and actually has some learning elements to it. First off, the best part of this book is the big, furry, and squishy yellow chick in the center of it. Kingston likes pushing and patting it. Also, this book is a counting book and also names the colors of all the animals and "peeps". It is a sweet and fun book to read at Easter time!

There are so many other great books to read for Easter, but this the extent of our Easter library this year! We are enjoying pairing different activities with our books and learning more about Easter. I look forward to sharing more of our book collection in the future!


  1. I always enjoy a good book list. My kiddo loved when I read "Where is Baby's Easter Egg" when he was younger. Thanks for linking up with Stress-Free Sunday!

    1. Me too! We pretty much have this whole series and Kingston just started to get into lifting the flaps himself. It's a really fun read! Thanks for providing the link-up!