Mar 25, 2013

Exploring Carrots (Part 1)

I wanted to do an Easter related baby-school day with Kingston, but wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on. We are really into talking about colors and he has been loving exploring different Easter related concepts like chicks, eggs, and bunnies. In my recent post on our Easter book library I mentioned a few rabbit based books: Hop by Phyllis Root, That's Not my Bunny by Fiona Watt, and Easter Bunny by Rodger Priddy. I decided that we would read these books and talk about bunnies.

As I was talking to Kingston about bunnies, I found myself continuously saying, "Bunnies eat carrots!" Of course they eat many other things as well, but it was around this idea that our Easter baby-school idea was formed! We were going to explore carrots!

At the Dollar Tree, I picked up a pack of carrots "eggs". They are really cute little orange eggs with green stems! (Disclaimer: Be very cautious when letting your little one explore these because some of the stems were loose!! Of course that was the part that K wanted to put in his mouth, so I had to remove the loose stems from some of them and ensure that the others were secure as this could pose a choking hazard!)

While he explored, I talked to him and told him that "Bunnies eat carrots!" We also discussed that carrots are orange. Then I went on and on about the fact that they are a root vegetable that grows in the ground and that Kingston can eat carrots too. (Of course I know that this is over his head, but I like K to experience a lot of different language. Activities such as these give me an opportunity to explain new concepts to him therefore letting him hear new vocabulary. This has helped him become a very social baby! I always try to explain things to him as if he completely understands everything. It will be all too soon that he will understand it all!)

He enjoyed this activity very much! He exercised his motor skills and hand-eye coordination to pick up the slippery "carrots".

Our next carrot related activity was an art project! After Kingston explored an egg-shaped "carrot", I thought it would be fun for him to explore a real one. Because K has no teeth yet and he was very closely supervised, I was not worried about him biting the carrot or putting it in his mouth.

We painted with carrots!! For this project you will need: a piece of paper, a carrot, and some orange paint!

First, I let him explore a carrot without any paint on it. I selected the largest one, so that he would be less apt to put it in his mouth. He seemed to think it was a toy. He balanced the carrot between his two hands and felt the ridged texture.

Then I dipped the carrot in orange paint and gave it back to him. He had a good time whacking the carrot on the paper. He dragged the tip of the carrot all over the paper almost as if it were a paint brush! This made a fun design.

He also rolled the carrot all over the paper which imprinted the ridges of the carrot into the paint!

Only a couple times did he try to put the carrot in his mouth, but it was too heavy for him, so I didn't even have to worry! A few times he tried to eat the paint, and I said "no, no, no baby". That usually deters him from any more attempts! This was one of our most fun painting sessions yet, and we used a medium that I never would have imagined offering to my child to paint with! Kingston was very proud of himself and really enjoyed spreading the paint around with the carrot.

This is what Kingston's carrot painted masterpiece looked like:


Stay tuned for more activities exploring carrots !!


  1. I love letting the kiddos paint with different items! LOVE the carrot idea! :)

    1. Thanks! It was totally random, but he loved it! :)

  2. Oh my goodness this is adorable! The next time I'm crafting with my older son I'm going to give my baby a carrot with baby food to paint on his tray! Super funny and cute! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Painting with baby food would be awesome! I've been thinking about doing that recently :) I have yet to be able to part with any homemade baby food yet though! Thanks so much for visiting and so glad you liked our project!