Mar 28, 2013

Exploring Easter Eggs

A month or so back, I picked up a big bag of plastic Easter eggs at Walmart for a super cheap price. Since then, we have gotten so much use out of them!! I used them during our Dr. Seuss week when we did our Green Eggs and Ham Activity, I've used them during our Easter photoshoot with K and his friends, and I've used them to entertain Kingston when he was bored here and there! However, I never really used them for their purpose! So this week, I sat K down with a bunny full of Easter eggs and let him go to town exploring them.

I added a package of extra large Easter eggs to the mix and Kingston had a great time going through them. As I handed him certain ones, I named their color. Then I sorted them by size and color and showed K which ones were bigger and which were smaller. 

Then, I put the smaller eggs inside the bigger eggs and started shaking them. K loved this and went wild trying to grab at them. While Kingston continued playing with the eggs and trying to open them, I read him Where are Baby's Easter Eggs by Karen Katz. Then I flipped over his bunny basket and hid the eggs underneath. I lifted them up to say "There they are!"  to reinforce object permanence.

Kingston had a lot of fun exploring his Easter eggs! I cannot wait for him to experience his first Easter and open his Easter basket!

This week we went to see the Easter bunny at the mall. K was NOT a fan! I don't know if it was truly the bunny or the woman who was in his face trying to make him smile. Or maybe he just didn't want to be away from Mama (which is a very common occurrence around these parts lately!). He gave the pouty lip and whimpered for me. He kept reaching his little hands up to me and his Aunta. I didn't care what pictures they got, I had to rescue him from the scary giant bunny! His skin is so sensitive that his face was red in all the pictures from being upset. Here is the best one:

I hope everyone is having fun preparing for the Easter bunny's arrival. I hope that your Easter bunny isn't as scary as ours!!