Mar 22, 2013

Kingston: 6 Months

Our little muffin turned 6 months old yesterday. Can that even be possible? We have yet to even process that this baby is really and truly OURS and he goes and turns 6 months old!?! How could it be?! This seems like a huge milestone age to me. As of today, he is closer to ONE than to birth. It's so bittersweet. My little nugget is growing up so fast, yet I'm still processing how its possible that I am the mother of this sweet blessing. At least several times a week, Todd and I look at each other and state some form of "Can you believe he is ours?" or "We have a BABY!" He is everything we have ever dreamed of and more.

This month, Kingston has accomplished so many things! Last month, he learned to sit up unsupported. This month, he is even more sturdy and continuing to become a more established sitter everyday. However, more than sitting up, he wants to STAND! He hardly ever wants to just be sitting. He arches his back and pushes his leg beneath him and tries to stand up on his own. If I am sitting behind him, he will arch his back and somehow push with the rest of his body until he is in a standing position. He will also use all of his own strength to pull himself up when we reach our hands out.

He has started walking long distances while holding onto our hands. He puts one little foot in front of the other and will walk down the hallway to Mama with Dada holding his hands! He looks so big when he walks. Just today, he achieved a huge milestone  - STANDING UP UNASSISTED!! Todd has been leaning him up against the exersaucer and seeing if he can do it for a couple of weeks, but today baby boy went for it and stood up all by himself for 10 second stretches. I then put him in his crib standing up and he stood long enough for me to take three pictures. It definitely made me nervous though. I'm trying to swallow my Mama worries and try not to hold him back from growing and learning, but I do worry that he will topple over!

He is very communicative and now full on waves. It is the most precious thing ever. He waves to me while he nurses, he waves when ANYONE says hi, he waves when he sees himself in the mirror, etc. It's amazing. I'm counting it as his first sign language because he is actually communicating something to us. He also fluently says "Mama" in context and also "Dada". He will sometimes also pull my shirt down and say "Baba" which is hilarious!

He laughs constantly. His excitement is infectious and I love seeing his little face light up. He squeals when Dada comes home and waves at him. He will also have a full conversation talking back and forth with you. Dada and Kingston do this every night when Todd is getting him ready for bed! He is so social! He also loves his two little friends Olivia & Oak. He loves people, chatting, and laughing. He is definitely going to be a social butterfly.

This month, Kingston has been teething badly. He was up all night for a week straight. It was rough for all of us, but we felt so bad for our little boy. We had to give him Tylenol which is not something we like to do. He was up every hour. There were a few nights when I didn't even get 2 hours of sleep. However, his little gums are doing just fine now. We LOVE our baltic amber teething necklace! No teethies yet though! He is back to sleeping all night with two nursing sessions in between!

He has been eating solids for a month now! He has tried avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, and tomorrow he will try apples for the first time. He does so well with his food and enjoys trying to feed himself. I leave a lot of texture to his food, so it is pretty chunky. He is a great eater!

This month he is all about MAMA! He doesn't want to leave my side and is having a bit of separation anxiety. If I leave the room he wails and yells "MAMA!" He is the sweetest little love in the world. I love that he calls me to comfort him. Even if I can't get much done around the house at this point in our lives, my sweet boy will only be this little once and I am absolutely going to give him all the love and attention he needs! We are attached at the hip anyway and that's just the way I love it.

I could go on and on about this brilliant little baby. He accomplishes so much every month and just blows us away! We've had so much fun this month doing crafts and activities, having play dates, snuggling, reading, and learning. I can't wait to see what his 6 month brings!

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