Mar 4, 2013

Mommy and Baby Favorites - February

I will be doing a Mommy and Baby Favorites update every month! I want to be able to look back at the things that we liked throughout the years! I love watching my favorite Youtube Moms showcase their monthly favorites, so I thought I'd join in here!

Kingston definitely has certain favorites that he loves. It's funny to see him favor certain things over others. Here is what he was into this past month: 

Playgo My First Stacking Cups - They are so affordable and such an awesome toy. Not only do they stack, but they also nest, have a different play dough mold on each cup, and they have holes in the bottom to be used at bath time! Kingston loves knocking down stacking cup towers and "drinking" from them. He also loves to chomp on the rims of the cups.  
Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in The Amazon - We have this exersaucer and it is amazing! It is such a lifesaver for Mama to get things done around the house and K loves it! I do have to say though that my animal baby already broke the alligator toy (we sent away and got a replacement for it) and he rips the parrot and dragon fly off multiple times a day. He's wild!! 

Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go ABC123 - Kingston loves his jumpjump that his Auntie bought him! This is like the Cadillac of jumpers. It has an entire activity console that has music, spin toys, lights, and all kinds of other awesome additions. K loves spinning the piece in the middle and watching the lights go. He jumps around like a crazy little animal. This is definitely the best jumper out of all the ones I have seen!

Objects that are NOT toys - Kingston loves anything that is NOT a toy this month! He is obsessed with the remote control .. obsessed. If it catches his eye, he will dive for it. He is also smitten with water bottles, which is why he is so into sensory bottles right now! 

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - Kingston loves his Sophie (or Sophie Ella as we call her!) We do NOT leave the house without this teether. In fact, she lives in his car seat now. He munches on the ears and hooves in the car and then falls asleep with his arms around her. He has a fierce love for his Soph. A glorified dog toy at its finest, but we are sold! 

 Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks Kingston loves these blocks, especially the "Aa block". This one has a caterpillar with sensory antennae and his makes a crackly sound. He drools and slobbers so much on this thing that I'm afraid to know what it looks like on the inside. I envision horrible things growing inside of it .. but the child really does LOVE it! Truthfully, I see the appeal. I love the crinkly sound it makes. We now play a game where Mama throws it in the air counting "1..2..3.." and then I throw it to Kingston. Gets him every time! I always have a squealing, giggly baby on my hands during that game!

Cherokee Baby Toggle Coat - Todd and I purchased this coat from Target a couple months before Christmas. He lives in it.. wears it everywhere we go! I love the way it looks on him. The toggles are precious and he totally rocks the hood. He looks like a little Paddington Bear in it and I could squish those cheeks right off! 

And lastly .. but DEFINITELY not least ....

Carters Pull-On Jeans - Umm.. can you say obsessed!?! These JEANS are amazing!! We first had a pair in size 3 months. Now we have two pairs in 6 months and he wears them ALL the time. I wish I had 5 pairs in every size. They are the best jeans in the world for a cloth diapered baby butt. It accommodates that sweet fluffy tush of his and look precious on him. They are soft and cozy. We are BIG BIG fans! 

Other baby favorites this month: Touch and Feel books, Freddy the Firefly, Crafts, Sweet Potatoes 

More favorites next month! 

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