Mar 2, 2013

Sensory Saturday: Cat in the Hat Sensory Bottles

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!! Today is Sensory Saturday - Dr. Seuss Edition! This will be our last day showcasing our Dr. Seuss crafts. We had so much fun doing all of these activities! Kingston was a busy busy baby boy this week that's for sure. 

As I mentioned before, K is totally into bottles right now. Not of the baby variety, but of the adult type! He loves any kind of water bottle. Therefore, sensory bottles are completely up his alley right now. I have plans for many more different themed bottles in the works right now! It is our go to busy "toy" when we need something to occupy him for a little bit. 

So here is K's Cat in the Hat Sensory Bottle!! I actually made this bottle with him in my arms. He enjoyed watching me drop the different items inside of it. I wanted to do a dry bottle for this project so that he could listen to the sounds of the different pieces. Ultimately you could use anything around your house that is red and white, however here is what we used : red pony beads, red pom poms, marshmallows (we had a bag of super stale ones in our cabinet that I figured I could utilize before tossing), and the leftover red and white paper from our Cat in the Hat Contact Paper Craft.

I'd say our little bottle lover was impressed! He lit up as soon as I gave it to him and went to town shaking it and chomping on it. He likes to emulate what we do and throw his head back and pretend he is drinking it. This bottle kept him occupied for quite awhile and it is now out on our play blanket to be used whenever he wants. It has kept his interest so far for a couple of days! 

Thanks for reading!! Next up: Lorax Sensory Bags!

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