Mar 2, 2013

Sensory Saturday: Lorax Sensory Bags

Here is our last craft/activity for our Dr. Seuss Week! Kingston's new favorite toys are anything that aren't supposed to be toys. Therefore, he totally loves sensory bags. Sensory bags are simply bags filled with something for your little to explore. We have been doing a lot of sensory "paint" bags around here. It is a great mess free way to let K paint to his hearts content. AND he can do so on our rug! With no worries!

The things needed for this craft are listed above: 2 sheets of white paper (we use a giant box of blank wedding invitations from JoAnn Fabrics to do a lot of our crafts on, they are thick and come with corresponding envelopes which work great if you are making something to give to someone! I would definitely recommend waiting until you can find these on sale and snatching them up!), orange and yellow washable fingerpaint, 2 plastic zipper bags (we use the cheap-o ones from Dollar Tree!), 2 extra large googly eyes, glue, and scissors!

I squirted a blob of yellow paint in one bag with one piece of paper and then orange in the other. I gave them to him one at a time at first and then let him go to town on both! 

He enjoyed whipping the bags around like the little wild man he is. He squished and crumpled the bags .. even smacked the dog with them a few times! Krull was a good sport though and endured K's antics. When he lost interest in them, which happened fairly quickly - about 10 minutes - I took the paintings out of the bags and let them dry on paper towels. 

Today it was Mama's job to finish our little Lorax! I left his orange piece of paper alone, and then free-handed a Lorax-y mustache and eyebrows out of Kingston's yellow painted paper. Then I glued them down with 2 extra large googly eyes. Voila - our Lorax! 

Older kids could glue the cut out pieces by themselves and children with good scissor control could even cut out the pieces themselves. Please leave us a comment and let us know if you make our Lorax craft!! Thanks for joining us for Dr. Seuss Week!!