Mar 30, 2013

Somebunny Loves You!

Since Kingston made something special for all the ladies in his life, he wanted to create just the perfect masterpiece for his two favorite men: Dada and Grumpy!!

After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I settled on the bunny with the footprint ears. I printed Kingston's feet in teal in a V shape on a piece of white cardstock. Then, I took teal (I matched it the best I could with what was availble) acrylic paint and freehand painted a circle underneath the ears. After, I glued googly eyes on, cut a pink nose out of construction paper, and drew the rest of the face details with black marker.

Dada and Grumpy will be really excited when they see their special gift!

If making this with an older child, they could paint the bunny face themselves and add all the details! I enjoyed finishing this project for K!

HAPPY EASTER to all those who celebrate!!! We couldn't be more excited to see our little open his Easter basket tomorrow morning and to spend time with our family!

Here is a sneak peak of K's basket:

Stay tuned for details of Kingston's basket and his 1st Easter!


  1. Super cute Bunny! Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I think this would also be a great Father's Day craft (or Mother's Day...or Grandparents' Day). It turned out really cute!

    1. Thank you!! Print crafts are so versatile! I think I have a million for each holiday! :)

  2. What cute little feet! I agree that it'd be a great gift for Father's Day too. :) Thanks for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday at Fun-A-Day!

    1. Thanks Mary Catherine! I love capturing those little toes while they are still so tiny and sweet! Thanks for providing the link-up! :)