Mar 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Print Crafts

Kingston and I made St. Patrick's Day print crafts today! We made four leaf clovers with his little hands and also a rainbow of his little feet. These are very self explanatory. Be careful with the ink you use though .. i may or may not have dyed his little hand blue-ish, yellowish, green..! (Don't worry it came off in the bath!) I even did a test run .. but every color is different. I have a pile of ink pads purchased just for prints that can no longer be used anymore!

Here is K getting ready to do his prints.. he was so excited to get going that he was grabbing the paper, the ink, and everything he could get his hands on. 

We did our clovers first. Every time I ink one of his body parts, I tell him what color it is. Usually he isn't paying attention and is trying to attack the paper, ink his entire body, or kick the chair next to him. But just in case he is listening subconsciously, I tell him!  

After we did our clover, he decided to put a big green hand print on his chest and then ink the 150 year old antique dining room table. Hey why not, right?! This was the ink that didn't want to come off of his body, so it was his best choice of course! Oh and the stem, ya.. that is MY finger. So not only was Kingston covered in green ink that didn't want to come off, but so was I. I went through at least 42 baby wipes trying to get it out while I let loose a stream of curse words in a happy sing-song voice so Kingston wouldn't know that I was berating my silly self! Oh well .. it wouldn't be a print project at the House of Burke if I didn't somehow get ink all over us!

For his little feet, I made sure to only use ink that I had previously tested!! For the yellow print we used washable paint because our brand new yellow ink (purchased specifically for our print projects) also does NOT come off. Eeek! We were QUITE colorful today! Kingston loved stamping his feet. He giggled as I inked them and liked when I told him to "kick kick kick". After we dyed ourselves multiple colors, we did water play (post to come in the near future) and by the time we were done, the ink had washed off of both of us! We had a great time! :)

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