Apr 22, 2013

Celebrating Earth Day with Baby

Happy Earth Day! I have loved seeing everyone's fabulous Earth Day related crafts and activities on Pinterest and around the blogosphere for the past few weeks. We enjoyed doing a few crafts ourselves, but I thought about what I could do to really celebrate Earth Day with a 7 month old (he turned 7 months yesterday.. it feels strange to even type this new big boy number!). The answer was so simple, get outside and play! So, here at the House of Burke we did just that. We spent the week out and about, visiting different parks and officially becoming addicted to playing out in the fresh air and sunshine!

On the warmest day this week, we visited our friend Jenn, her daughter, and her sweet newborn son! We were itching to get outside in the beautiful weather, so we packed the kids up and headed into the backyard. They had a great little red baby swing that was perfect for Kingston. It had a waist strap and a piece that went in between his legs to secure him, almost like his little highchair at Glam*Ma's house. When we put him in it, he didn't think anything of it. He's so used to going in his highchair and car seat, that he probably thought he was just being strapped into one of those.

However, as soon as I started pushing him, he lit up with excitement! He was babbling and patting the yellow tray. The wind was blowing warm air and he kept staring up at the trees and sky in amazement.

He would have let me push him in the swing ALL day. In fact, I am considering getting one for our house because he loved it so much. I pushed him and pushed him while he chatted and observed the wildlife and nature around him. After awhile, he started to relax and get sleepy. He was both excited and soothed by the swing. This was such a fun activity to get him outside and playing like a big kid. He loved watching Jenn and Erin's girls run and play around him. I love that he felt part of the action! I can't believe how fast he has grown into a little man with opinions and a strong desire to participate in the world around him!

Another fun activity we did this week was have a picnic at the park! My whole family - Kingston, Me, Todd, Glam*Ma, Grumpy, and Aunta went to a beautiful park near my parents house where my sister and I use to play when we were little. It was so surreal to bring Kingston to a place where I have so many memories. I will forever call the horse and pony by their predecessors names, remember when we lost my grandmother's ring in the sand at the playground, and remember walking the nature trail to climb the giant tree at the end. I loved making new memories with our little guy.

We picked up lunch on the way and set up our picnic at one of the wooden tables grouped together in a big beautiful grassy field. The sun was shining, families were laughing and enjoying themselves, and it was great to be with family.

Kingston was intrigued by all the kids running and playing. He kept leaning over the picnic table to see what was going on and waving at the passerby. 

After we ate, we strolled around the park area. Then we walked to see all the animals. There was a horse and pony in the stable that we passed by. We went to the Children's Barn and saw chickens and bunnies. K loved snuggling with his Aunta while we looked at the animals. He had the most serious look on his face through it all. 

We went in back of the barn and saw ducks, a goat, and a great big goose that kept running towards us. Kingston couldn't take his eyes off of the crazy bird! As he watched, I sang him Old McDonald. He kept looking from the goose to me and back again. It was as if he was thinking, "THIS is what she sings about?! Eeek!" 

After we introduced Kingston to the animals, we headed back to the car and went home. It was a bit chilly, but a great experience for K. I loved spending time with him and letting him explore so many new things. I hope everyone had a phenomenal Earth day and remembered to just stop and enjoy the world around us! We can't wait to visit the park again and spend time outside again once the weather warms up a bit. 

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  1. The swing smiles are incredibly cute. We used to take the highchair outside a lot, which was a great way to get little ones outside, but contained. Thanks for stoping by the Outdoor Play Party

    1. Thank you Hannah! That's a great idea! We may have to eat our dinner alfresco this week! :)