Apr 18, 2013

Contact Paper Earth

This week, I put together a fun Earth Day contact paper craft for my little Earthling! We usually do a contact paper craft every week because they are mess-free, fun, and easy. Plus, the sticky contact paper is always a fun surprise for Kingston. He always spends the first few minutes of our craft feeling the texture of the contact paper.

For this project you will need: one piece each of green and blue construction paper, two squares of contact paper, and a pair of scissors. You may also want to use a circle template if you want your Earth to come out more uniform than mine. I'm more of a free-hander, so I'm fine with it!

I put my munchkin in his high chair and taped down a square piece of contact paper to his chair, sticky side up. He has been really intensely trying to rip his art off of the chair lately, so I had to go all Fort Knox on it. After 50 million pieces of masking tape and then a little bit more for good luck, I let him explore the contact paper while I cut strips out of the construction paper. I cut the strips into squares and dumped a big pile of construction paper mosaic pieces next to him.

He was quick to grab a big handful of the paper. He gave me his devilish little fresh baby eyes before trying to stuff a bunch of the little pieces into his mouth. I had to tell him "no, no" several times during this project! He thought they looked really tasty and was really interested in eating them. Mama, however, had a different idea and showed him how to press a piece down on the paper. I usually model the craft once or twice at the beginning even if it is something we have done multiple times.

Then Kingston began picking handfuls of the paper up and dropping it on the contact paper. Usually, in his attempt to pick the paper up again, he adheres it to the contact paper. However, he is getting really good at scraping the paper back up off the sticky surface. He is a wild one! So, I was modeling "pat, pat" to show him how to stick the pieces to the paper.

He used his fine motor skills to pick up each piece of paper and put it down. While he explored, I talked to him about the Earth. I showed him the colors blue and green. Then I talked to him about how the colors represent the water and the land. I rambled about how the Earth is made up of mostly water. As I babbled, he continued to try to eat the construction paper. We had quite a few drool covered pieces stuck to our Earth at one point!

I added more and more pieces of paper to his pile as he diminished it. After he played for some time, I patted down any loose pieces and pulled the paper off the high chair. I cut an even bigger piece of contact paper to lay over it. Then, I cut it into a circular shape. Kingston was really proud of his Earth! I told him that  I thought he was the handsomest, smartest, and funniest baby in the entire world. His Earth will look really pretty on the window!

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  1. Oh my goodness, but that look of concentration on his face is priceless! :)

    1. haha! He was really serious about that construction paper. He wanted to eat it so bad! :)