Apr 26, 2013

Kingston: 7 Months

Our little man turned 7 months on Sunday! As usual, I can't believe it! 7 months just seems so big. This month more than ever, I can't get over the fact that time has passed so quickly. He is doing so many "big kid" things now. He seems less and less like a baby and more like a toddler! He is so animated and so full of personality.

Weight: 18 lbs 6 oz
Height: 25 3/4 in.
Head: 44.4 
Hair: SUPER LONG! Official MOHAWK status!
Shoe Size: Mostly size 3
Clothing Size: Almost grown out of 6 months, fitting well in 6-9, and in some 9 months - Also in 12 month onesie undershirts
Favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Frosty the Snowman (Dada hums this at bedtime EVERY night), and ABC

So, this past month he saw the Easter bunny (not a fan!) and had his first Easter, which was wonderful. He spent a lot of time out and about this month. We went for lots of walks outside, shopping excursions, and to new restaurants. We took Kingston to an Asian buffet this month, Fuddruckers, a yacht club, and the 99 (where he sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time ever!). He is always an angel when we go out to eat. Kingston discovered a new love at Nordstrom where his Aunta works: the FISH TANK! He fell in the love with the fish, screaming and squealing every time they swam by. I know for sure that he will love the aquarium when we take him on his birthday.

Kingston pulled up on his own for the first time a couple of days after he turned 6 months. Throughout the month, he practiced pulling up on anything and everything. He is getting really good at pulling up to stand. His newest trick is to pull into crawling position and rock back and forth on all fours. He is trying so hard to crawl and is almost there! He rocks back and forth until he finally goes forward onto his belly from sitting position. He is very adamant about going where he wants when he wants. This child DEFINITELY has an opinion of his own. He wants to be standing the majority of the time. It is hard to get him to sit and play half of the time because he wants to be up standing and walking! He is going to be mobile really soon. It strange to think that by next month I might be writing about him crawling. Who knows!

Kingston talks ALL of the time now, all day long. Instead of Mama now, all he wants to talk about is Dada. He uses Dada in context, but also babbles it all day long. When Todd walks in the house at night, Kingston gets unbelievably excited and jumps up in down. He waves and says "Hi Dada Hi, Hi Dada Hi!" and reached for him. It is adorable. Todd loves being greeted by him every night. He is also all about patting everybody and everything. He pats Mama and laughs and pats all of his toys. He loves patting the dog, although he has been getting a little bit unintentionally aggressive with him this month. He just tries to love Krull a little too hard! I have to constantly tell him "gentle baby gentle!" This month Kingston learned to say "Aunta" which thrilled my sister to no end! When she is playing with him, he says "Aunta Aunta!" Or sometimes - "Aunnnnta" or "AunnnTEE!" He loves his aunt so much! This month, Aunta even watched him while Mama and Dada went to see The Host. He loved spending alone time with his aunt!

This month, Kingston is interacting really well with his toys. He actually plays with them now. He plays his Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Piano with real determination. He loves the sound. Sometimes he takes his Dumbell Rattle and smacks his piano with it. It is complete musical genius. Prodigy status here people! He also loves to knock things down! He loves knocking all of his stackers down over and over. When he plays with his Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks: Shape Sorter he puts the shapes in and takes them out. He also likes to dead lift it - "I pick things up and put them down" style! He loves interacting with his toys, but give Kingston a book and he will throw any toy he is holding on the floor. He loves reading and is still extra obsessed with touch and feel books! Also, he is getting better and better at doing art projects. When we first started doing paint projects, he was not as focused. Now, he focuses on what he is doing and paints with intention. He loves moving the colors around on the paper. We have been experiencing so many sensory activities and having so much fun!

Nursing is still going great. Our first breastfeeding mini goal was 6 months and I was excited to surpass that. Our next mini goal is 9 months! Then on to a year plus. For food this month, he has tried apples, carrots, pears, and banana. We started giving him whole chunks of organic banana to feed to himself almost daily. He loves it and it is so fun to watch him explore feeding himself. He has also had a lot of sweet potato this month.

Sleeping this month has been a bit of a mess. Some nights are fine, but the majority have been rough. He is still usually nursing 2 times a night, sometimes 3. Once in awhile we will have a night where he only nurses once. He goes to sleep very easily, however, our problem this month has been that he wakes up around 1:30-2:00 am and thinks it is play time. He doesn't want to go back to sleep. It has made for some really challenging nights. We've survived though and he always wakes up happy in the morning! Every morning since he has been in his crib, he has come into our bed to cuddle. I love our snuggle time. We now have a routine where we nurse and sleep for a couple hours. Then we wake up and Kingston plays with his toys in bed while we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sid the Science Kid. K doesn't watch TV a lot obviously and barely pays attention to it when it is on, but those are the two shows that he has showed a little bit of interest in. I find them enjoyable too.

Waving has been Kingston's absolute cutest accomplishment so far. He started waving a couple of months ago and it is just adorable, but this month he also started clapping! It is so cute to see him clap his hands together when he is excited. He loves to play Pat-A-Cake. I love seeing him express his excitement with those little hands!

Although he has accomplished and experienced so many new things, one thing remains constant: Kingston is an amazing baby. He is well behaved, hilarious, and a joy to be around. Not a day goes by that I don't feel blessed to be this little guy's Mama. I love our special little boy!

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