Apr 3, 2013

Kingston's 1st Easter!

Disclaimer: This post will have approx. 2 billion pictures!

I was really excited about Kingston's 1st Easter! His basket was made months ahead of time and I had fun coming up with activities for him to do prior to the day.

On Easter morning, Kingston woke up in a great mood. Earlier, I had put out a trail of colored eggs leading from our bedroom (where we snuggle every morning) to his Easter basket. Kingston put on his Easter pjs and held Dada's hands as he hopped from egg to egg. He had so much fun looking at every one and trying to pick them up.

We sat him on the couch to open his basket. He immediately started tearing at the cellophane and trying to see what was inside! He loved each item and stopped to play with every one as they came out. We read every book and he chomped on each new toy.

He really liked his new pirate hooded bath towel.

After we played with all of Kingston's new toys, we got dressed for the day. Before K was born, I purchased a navy suit coat and green tie at The Children's Place on clearance. I announced that he would be wearing that for Easter. It was so fun to see that dream come to fruition and to see my little man in his outfit. The rest of the outfit was also purchased at The Children's Place and the green sunglasses are Spencer's Baby.

After we were ready, we headed over to Glam*Ma and Grumpy's house! My mother throws an Easter bash every year where she makes an elaborate brunch. Kingston loves his Glamparents and was so excited to see them when we got their house. My mom wasted no time giving K the Easter basket that they made him!

Inside were a pair of bunny ears,Hallmark Squawkin Egg Droppin Hen, a construction reusable sticker set, Carters 4-pc. Dump Truck Pajama Set GREY/YELLOW , two sets of flash cards, a wind up bunny, a sweet book where you write letters back and forth between grandmother and grandchild, and the Mother Goose Treasury: Sing-A-Long Nursery Rhymes, Vol. 1 & 2 which was my absolute FAVORITE set of videos when I was a child!!

Kingston loved it all! Especially the chicken!!

If you haven't seen this hen in action, you need to watch a video of it! It is so hilarious. Kingston was really excited to see the eggs come out the bottom.

Then we took a little photoshoot while we waited for the guests to arrive. 

When Kingston's Aunta got to the house, she took him into the purple room to open the Easter basket she made him. (Yes my family DEFINITELY spoils him!) Can you tell that he is the only baby in the family?!

Inside this basket there was ANOTHER squawking chicken (my mom and sister are on the same wavelength!), the matching hat for his Easter outfit, an adorable three piece whale outfit, a sweet three piece summer outfit, a stuffed bunny, a Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle, and Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fishbowl Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy! Kingston was so excited!! We tried the hat on him right away!

When the rest of our family arrived, Kingston was the star of the show! He laughed and entertained everyone. He is such a charmer! He loved playing with his Macon (aka Glam*Ma the Great) and chatting with his relatives. They brought him a sweet summer outfit - plaid shorts and a matching polo, Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set, and plenty of money for his piggy bank!

We ate lots of good food and had some good laughs.

It was a wonderful 1st Easter for our little man and our little family!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


  1. Aww so cute! Look at his suit. Yup, a little man indeed.

  2. This is my favorite post ever! Love Aunta