Apr 19, 2013

Paper Plate Earth Print Craft

Recently, I have seen all sorts of adorable variations on Earth crafts enhanced with hand and foot prints. I definitely wanted to make one with Kingston! This was a two step craft for K using both paint and ink!

For this project you will need: a paper plate, blue fingerpaint, blue glitter, and green ink. I put Kingston in his high chair (I swear he does NOT spend all day in it .. though from my posts it probably seems like it!), taped the paper plate down, and squirted some blue fingerpaint on top. 

He immediately began smearing the paint around the paper plate. He was fascinated with exploring the ridges around the plate. I told him that the plate was a circle and held his finger while we traced the outline of the shape. Usually when we paint, I have to turn the paper (or plate) around towards the end so K can reach the entire thing. However, he was doing a really great job today reaching all the way to the other side of the plate.

Of course, we talked about the color blue as he painted. And, like the project we did before, I explained to him that he was painting the ocean and that later we would make the land prints. This is his "I'm very interested Mama" look. Don't you think?! 

He even cheesed it up with a few smiles for me while we chatted! 

After he painted, while the paint was still really wet, I sprinkled blue glitter all over it. It looked pretty, but turned out to not be the best idea. The next day, after the plate was nice and dry, I inked Kingston's hand and foot with green ink and printed them on the Earth. Thanks to the glitter, we both got glitter ALL over us! I am still picking it out of his hair and finding it all over the furniture! It did turn out really cute though!! You could even add more hand and foot prints to make it truly look like the land masses on the globe. I like how one of each print looked though because I am more interested in seeing his cute little hand and foot!


  1. Love to see the smiles on your boy's face! It's just wonderful how you're making sure he's exposed to all of these activities at a young age. :)

    1. Thanks MC! He really gets into the activities we do. I love finding ways to make activities for him baby friendly! :)