Apr 10, 2013

Playing Ball

We have been having so much fun playing ball at the House of Burke! Kingston is learning all kinds of new games and practicing new skills. Yesterday, I put together a "Baby Basketball" game using his stacking cups (Playgo My First Stacking Cups) and one of the small squishy basketballs that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I set four of the stacking cups in front of him and showed him how to throw the ball into the cup.

I referred to the cups as "hoops" and told K to "shoot a basket". He was so cute trying to whack the squishy ball into the cups and knocking them all over. He was more interested in dumping the basketball out of the basket once I had thrown it in!

As I tossed the ball in the different "hoops", I named them by color. I pointed to each cup and said, "The basketball is in the ____ hoop!"

We had a fun time playing this super simplified baby version of basketball. Kingston liked watching Mama throw the ball and he enjoyed retrieving it and attempting to knock all the cups down with it! We reinforced our colors and practiced hand-eye coordination.

Later that night, when Dada got home from work, Kingston and Dada sat on the floor and played with Kingston's big blue bouncy ball. We got this ball at Walmart - but here is a really adorable Melissa and Doug version with little fish on it - Finney Fish Ball: Finney Fish Ball - Great for summer! Using the bouncy ball, Todd and K practiced gross motor skills.

First Todd showed Kingston how to catch the ball. Todd rolled it to him. When he would catch it, we would all clap and cheer. My parents, Todd, and I were all cheering for him and K ate up every second of it, laughing and clasping his hands together. Every time Kingston caught it, he would pat the ball. He is obsessed with patting everything all of a sudden. He pats everyone too!

Next, they practiced rolling the ball! Kingston loved rolling the ball back to Dada and was so giddy at the silly faces Dada was making at him. Catching and throwing a ball is a great, easy gross motor activity to help baby develop hand-eye coordination and muscle coordination.

Kingston kept reaching toward Dada to help him stand up. K seems to only want to be standing lately. He tries to pull up on everything and has just started to be able to do it! Todd took this opportunity to show Kingston how to kick the ball. He was so cute kicking the ball with his sweet little baby feet. Check out Todd's face in that picture! ^

After Dada was done demonstrating gross motor skills with Kingston, they had a great time passing the ball back and forth and goofing around. I love these boys so much!

Take a few minutes out of the day today and practice a few of these gross motor skills with your little one. They will have a blast and be learning at the same time!