Apr 13, 2013

Sensory Saturday - Bouncy Ball Sensory Bottle

Happy Sensory Saturday!! This week we did a super simple sensory activity that literally took seconds to make!

Using the bouncy balls that I used in the Bouncy Ball Sensory Bag Painting and a water bottle, I made Kingston a quick and easy sensory bottle!  I love making dry sensory bottles because they are super simple and when baby shakes them they make fun sounds!

Kingston immediately took the sensory bottle and started "drinking" from it. As he did, the bouncy balls rolled from one side to the other making a thumping sound. This intrigued him and he started shaking it up and down.

As he shook the bottle, I pointed out the colors, "blue, yellow, and green". I told him that mixing blue and yellow makes green. Then I talked to him about the sound the bouncy balls made when he shook the bottle. I took the bottle and shook it so that the balls bounced inside. K liked watching it!

I hope you enjoy this simple sensory bottle! It has now been added to Kingston's collection!


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