Apr 7, 2013

Sensory Saturday - Spring Mosaic

This Sensory Saturday is a little bit late, but here it is! This week we made a mosaic using spring colors and contact paper! Contact paper activities are so much fun to do with little ones especially when you do not feel like cleaning up a giant mess or an ink/paint stained baby. This project is almost entirely mess free! I didn't even have to take off his outfit to do it.

Materials needed: clear contact paper, different spring colored tissue paper cut up (we used yellow, turquoise, pink flowers, and green polka dots), scissors, and masking tape (if your baby likes to rip their art projects up!) 

I cut two rectangular pieces of contact paper out of the roll, one smaller than the other. Then I taped the smaller rectangle down onto his highchair and put the cut up pieces of tissue paper next to him on the tray. He immediately went for the contact paper and started touching the sticky texture. Then he grabbed at the tissue paper and started pushing it around the tray and dumping handfuls over the contact paper. As he placed one handful down, I would replenish his supply with more.

Every time he dropped a handful down, he would smack the paper and adhere the tissue to the contact paper. He really enjoyed the crinkly texture of the tissue paper. Today was the first time that I had to constantly tell him "no mouth"! He wanted so badly to have a taste of the tissue paper!

As he worked on his masterpiece, I talked to him about the different colors he was sticking down. I also showed him the flowered tissue paper and introduced him to the concept of flowers. Everything is so new to him. I feel like I could spend weeks on each new thing that interests him! It is so fun. We went over "blue, yellow, pink, purple, green, and white".

We also talked about Spring. I told Kingston all about the different weather and outdoor elements associated with Spring! I used Spring nouns like, "sunshine", "flower", "grass", "seeds", "rain", and "rainbow". Also, I told him the activities we could do in the spring with words like, "walk", "plant", "farm", "water", etc. We have a trip to the farm planned soon and I described all the things that we might see.

As he finished, I sang "You Are My Sunshine" to him several times. He loved it and gave me some great smiles! After he finished, I undid the tape and carefully removed his mosaic from the highchair pressing down any loose pieces as I lifted. Then I put the larger rectangle over his mosaic and sealed it, folding up all the corners to provide a clean seal. Then we hung it up on the window! I think it came out beautiful and he did an excellent job!!

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  1. So cute- baby and his creation! I love the dialogue you share with him- he's a lucky little guy :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet, sweet comment. It made my day! Started following you on G+, Twitter and FB.

    1. Thank you Tanya!! You made my day as well! Thank you for following me! That reminds me .. I actually need to start using Twitter! ;)

  2. beautiful idea and mess free what could be better

  3. What a cute idea! I've pinned it and connected with you on Google+.

  4. Awww, Kingston did a marvelous job! I think it turned out so very well. :) Thanks for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday! :)

  5. It looks so pretty. I love the Spring colours.

    Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase. I've pinned to our board.