Apr 12, 2013

Tape Resist Football

It is no secret that Kingston's Dada loves football. At 6 days old, Kingston watched his first game with his Dada wearing almost identical Patriots jerseys. I couldn't let "Having a Ball" Week go by without doing a football related activity! So today Kingston and I read the book Big & Small: NFL Board Book by DK Publishing. It is an older book about opposites based on the NFL. It showcases football players and football gear in relation to opposites like "big and small".

While we read, I pointed out all of the footballs in the pictures. I also pointed out the different football equipment. Then, I came up with a really fun project for us to do, a tape resist football!

For this project you will need: a piece of white cardstock, masking tape, scissors, blue and orange fingerpaint (you may also want to add a little red to the mixture depending on the shade of brown you want to achieve!)

Using the masking tape, I cut strips and made a football design on the white cardstock. Then I taped the piece of cardstock to Kingston's high chair and mixed some brown paint. Using the orange and blue paint (and a tiny bit of red) I made a nice shade of brown and spooned some onto the paper.

I've never seen Kingston paint so enthusiastically before! He immediately started moving the paint around the paper using large swiping motions. Then he started scratching the paint over the tape, feeling the difference in texture between the paper and the tape. He did really well covering the paper.

When he couldn't reach the far side, I flipped the paper around. While he painted, I talked to him about the color "brown" and about footballs. We have never painted with brown before, so this was a great opportunity to introduce him to the color!

He was very proud of his football! After he was done, I cleaned up my messy little nugget and we put the football to the side to dry. When we made our Tape Resist Easter Eggs, I didn't quite wait for the paint to dry before I removed the tape. So this time, I wanted to make sure I gave the project ample time to dry! Fingerpaint dries super quick. After an hour or so, I peeled off the tape to reveal Kingston's football. I had planned on cutting it into a football shape, but I loved how it looked in rectangle form. So I left it! If you try this project. however, you could definitely cut it. 


  1. Cute! I might have to try a basketball version for my little NBA enthusiasts.

    1. So funny you would say that because I actually was planning on doing a basketball first, then I decided that Daddy would love the football even more! You should definitely try a tape resist basketball! :)

  2. So perfect craft to start with very young kids. Though the process may look messy but the outcome is really great!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! We love messy crafts over here. The messier the better! :)