Apr 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Kingston Vs. Banana

My big boy has been eating all kinds of new foods since my last post on solids! So far Kingston has eaten: avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, peas apples, pears, and carrots. Recently whenever we are eating a banana, we will let him gum it a little bit. So today, I decided to let him experiment with eating the banana on his own. I purchased organic bananas at the grocery store and cut some up to put on his high chair tray.

At first, he didn't know what to do. We have given him a little avocado on his tray before, but he wasn't really into it. Since he didn't know what to do, he did what he is good at, he fingerpainted with it! He smooshed it all over the tray and at several points picked it up to attempt to eat it and put it down again. Finally, I scooped a little up and put it to his lips. He gobbled it right up!

He loved it! I showed him how I put the banana to my mouth. He watched me and then started trying it on his own! I scooped a little up with a spoon and let him use that to feed himself also. Then I gave him a chunk of banana, so that he could hold it and feed himself.

Once I gave him the chunk of banana, he worked really hard to keep a hold on it and to gnaw away. He did a great job grasping it and scraping pieces off. 

He kept examining it with the funniest looks. He was like "Wow this is SO awesome!" He would glare at it and then shove it into his mouth. It was so fun to watch. Our baby is definitely growing up!! 

I am going to continue to give him chunks of banana to snack on in the afternoon, so that he can practice feeding himself. I can't believe that my baby can feed himself food! Time is flying by way too fast! I would love to try some different soft fruits and vegetables soon or maybe some salmon with him. He loves eating and I love watching him experience all of these new foods! 

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