Apr 25, 2013

"Tree" House of Burke?

I generally do not do blog posts like this, but I wanted to share something that happened to us in case I might be a little MIA for awhile. I am going to try to still post regularly, but we are a bit uprooted right now (no pun intended..).

Yesterday was the scariest day of my life. This is what the House of Burke currently looks like:

I don't want to go into details, but we were having our front tree removed as a favor. Kingston and I were sitting in the living room when the tree crashed through the house sending branches through the ceiling, insulation and glass all over the house. I shielded K with my body and went into Mama bear mode. 911 was called and I spent a frantic half hour outside with the baby and the fire/police department before Todd got home. Needless to say, I was/am really shaken up. Nothing like a near death experience to give you a whole new outlook on life. I can't stop running "what-if" situations through my head. I am so grateful we are unharmed. 

Until the situation is rectified, we are staying with my parents. I am going to try to continue posting as normal.  Please bear with me if posts become less frequent! 


  1. Glad you guys are doing okay and are safe xo I ran into your sister at Nordstrom & told her I read your blog! Kingston is super cute btw ;)

  2. B!!! omg i am so happy you guys are untouched! that is insanely scary. i love you all and hope things get put back together asap!!