Apr 1, 2013

What Was In Kingston's Easter Basket?

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! We sure did. Kingston's 1st Easter was so fun and he was such a good boy!

I love looking at what people get their children for holidays and birthdays. I love watching consignment hauls and the like on YouTube. I love reading and writing reviews of different products. Basically, I just love doing the holidays up as best as I can and I love to see how other people do it also! I know that when I look back, I will have fun seeing what we got for Kingston and our future children for different holidays and birthdays and remembering cherished toys and items that they loved so much. Therefore, I wanted to document what was in Kingston's Easter basket! Maybe there are other gift voyeurs out there like me!

Growing up, Easter in my house was like a mini Christmas. We got a huge basket which generally overflowed into the surrounding area, we did a big Easter egg hunt, and we had serious excitement built around the Easter bunny. I knew when I had children that I wanted to keep the holidays much like I celebrated them as a child. They are some of my fondest memories and having such fun holidays made me a holiday LOVER!

I wanted to make K's first Easter really special because I knew this would be his first holiday where he would be able to participate in the opening of the presents himself. I started really early gathering gifts. I had Kingston's Easter basket made and put together three months ago, but have added several finishing touches to it recently based on what he is into and what he needs. I had a lot of fun putting it together. I hit the Used Book Superstore during a big 60% off sale, the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Babies R Us, Macys.com, JCPenney, Target, TJMaxx and the One Step Ahead catalog for the items inside! I picked them up as the months went on.

For the basket itself, I used a really pretty white wicker basket with a blue and yellow floral design that I received at my baby shower from our friends Melanie & Nicole. It was the perfect size!

So without further ado... What was in Kingston's Easter basket?

There were 11 books in Kingston's Easter basket! Our holidays have tended to be very book-centric. I unintentionally went with an Eric Carle & farm theme for the books in his basket. All the Eric Carle books were picked up at the Used Book Superstore for around $0.60 a piece as were the Usbourne That's Not My Tractor and That's Not My Truck. Kingston didn't have many of the Eric Carle staples and we really like them. The Usbourne books are his very favorite! He is obsessed with this touch and feel series and we own almost the entire series. I also picked up Baby at the Farm by Karen Katz there. This is a really cute touch and feel too. The other three farm books I picked up in the clearance section of TJMaxx for a couple dollars each. The one on the bottom is my absolute favorite. It is a DK book with glittery tabs and lots of fun pictures. It was really difficult to fit this many rectangular books in a circular basket, but I managed!

Take & Toss Utensil Set - I picked this up for $4.99 at TJMaxx. It has my favorite sippy cups which I use to use when  I worked in daycare. They are tried and true and I'm hoping Kingston loves them. It also has big bowls, forks, and spoons.

Lamaze Rusty the Robot - I got this on OneStepAhead.com. I have an intense love for this catalog and all of the products in it. I was placing an order for some sheets and decided that this would be Kingston one big splurge gift for Easter. It was $14.99 and I think it is precious. I hope K will love it for years to come!

Melissa and Doug - Dinosaur Grasping Toy - I've had my eye on this toy for awhile now. I actually got this for free because I used a super old Macy's gift card from years ago to place a big toy order for Kingston (most of which I put away for future holidays). This toy reminds me of a rubiks cube. You can configure the dinosaurs body in a ton of different ways. It is really cute!

These items are hard to see in the picture, but they are three swim diapers and a UV shirt. The two navy swim diapers I purchased on OneStepAhead.com. They were on clearance for $3.25 each and were a total steal! The swim diaper on top actually doubles as training pants which is really cool. I got it at Target for $11.99 which was definitely a splurge, but I saw it as a cloth diaper investment. The shirt was $7.99 at Target. It is long sleeve and size 12 months. I'm hoping it fits K well this summer. I love the idea of giving spring/summer related toys and attire for Easter.

Bib - This cute "Chicks Dig Me" bib was purchased at Babies R Us for $2.99

Fisher Price Hammer - I got this at a JCPenney after Christmas clearance sale for $6 in January. I knew Kingston would love it. It makes noises when you hammer things. This can be used for years! He will be able to use it in pretend play when he is older. For now, he just likes the sounds it makes!

I got the spikey blue ball, bunny ear duck, and stuffed blue bunny at the Dollar Tree. The Cookie Monster sippy cup I picked up in the Target dollar bin!

Lastly, I got this Carter's two piece stretch jean and onesie outfit a couple days before Easter at TJMaxx for $7.99. We are obsessed with these stretch jeans and I wanted to buy another pair in size 9 months! This price was so affordable for two pieces that I had to get it. I figured I would add it to his basket. I purchased this hooded pirate towel at Babies R Us with a gift card. K really needed another hooded towel and this one is nice and big. He will be able to use it for a long time! I also got him a big blue bouncy ball from Walmart for $1.50!

Kingston loved everything in his basket! I will go into more detail in tomorrows post about his first Easter. I am aware that this is a lot of stuff. Most of it was purchased with gift cards or on the cheap. A lot of it was stuff that he needed for summer or in general. I like to buy things he needs and that I'm going to purchase anyway and save it all up for a holiday. It makes it more exciting when it is given as a gift rather than for no reason!

I had so much fun putting his basket together and can't wait to come up with different ideas for his future baskets!! Thanks for reading!

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