May 15, 2013

Bug Bath for Baby

My little stinker is obsessed with the water. I literally have to put an end to bath time, or else I'm pretty certain he would stay in there forever. Since we have been immersed in the world of bugs, I took the opportunity to enrich one of his baths last week with the edition of some creepy crawlies! 

Kingston really didn't need the addition of anything special to make the bath fun, so when I brought his bugs in, he was extra excited! He acted like he had never seen them before, even though he's been playing with them several times a day for awhile now. I didn't hand them to him right away, but placed them up on the top of the bath tub for him to grab at his own leisure.

He lunged for the bugs, and really enjoyed using the "infant" side of the his bathtub as a slide for the bugs to enter the water. I am shocked every time that I see just how capable an infant is at pretend play. He took each bug and splashed it in the water. As he would drop the bugs, I would scoop them up and place them at different spots around the tub for him to grab. He loved this and had fun knocking them over and crashing one bug into another. Since we have been talking about bugs so much, I left out my usual "baby-school" educational banter and mostly just focused on letting Kingston enjoy his play. I did name each bug and color as I would hand them to him. 

K was having a great time splashing in the tub. He would grab a bug and then smack the water with it as hard as he could while simultaneously shrieking! It was quite fun! In between splashing, he was placing the bugs on the windowsill and then grabbing them back off. It really took coordination to do what he was doing. 

Of course, he couldn't resist snacking on a beetle or two!

K stayed in the bath for almost an hour! Every time I attempted to take him out, he would splash around and laugh. He was having such a good time that I couldn't bare to put a stop to it. There is a mirror straight across from where his tub is, and he was having the time of his life splashing like a maniac and watching himself. He was laughing his sweet little nakey bum off!

Splashing pictures are REALLY hard to capture!

Kingston had a ton of fun in his buggy bath. He finally signaled that he was done by reaching for me. I took him out, dried him off, and we went about our night time routine! He was worn out from his long bath playtime and snuggled right to sleep. Sweet boy!

This will be the last post in our Baby-School bug series! Kingston had so much fun learning about bugs over the past two weeks. He refuses to part with his buggies, so they are now part of his general toy collection! He plays with them daily. We are excited to kick off our new Baby-School theme starting on Saturday with a special guest post! 

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