May 24, 2013

Fun with Music Notes

Welcome to the "Music Fun for Your Little One" series brought to you by House of Burke and And Next Comes L, where we will be featuring a variety of activities perfect for introducing music to young children.

Today is the last day in the "Music Fun for Your Little One" series! It has been a really fun week. In honor of the last day of the series, I have been working on a special little project for the past two days to give to Kingston to explore. I made him some fun little felt music note shakers!

I started with four pieces of black craft felt. Using a black marker, I free handed some music notes (they are not perfect, but K doesn't seem to mind!) and cut them out. I cut out two of each, so that I could sew them together. I hand stitched them with black thread, placing bells inside the base of each note. You could also put batting inside of them to make them fluffy, but I wanted them to retain as much of the original shape as possible. They turned out pretty cute!

I wanted to show Kingston what a music note looked like, but new that the concept is way beyond him. I thought adding bells to them would at least clarify that they were music related. That is a good enough musical connection for me! I placed the music notes on the floor and let him explore. 

He wasn't sure what to make of them at first. Once he realized they made noise, he went right to shaking them and whipping them around. He ended up looking like a little baby conductor, waving the notes back and forth. Of course he also had to taste them, and we may or may not have put them on his head to give him some funny sideburns! 

We also shook them while singing a couple nursery rhymes. He lost interest in them pretty quickly, but I was okay with that. They will come in handy later on in pretend play, felt boards, and other educational aspects when he is older! I will leave them out for him to play with whenever he feels like it. 

Thanks Mom! 

After we played with the musical notes, I helped Kingston make some musical art! He donned his smock, and I got out the black ink pad. First I printed his little palms and pressed them onto the paper, then he made a few little fingerprints (oh those tiny fingers are so delicious!), and finally he made three footprints. I pointed out the color black and told him what he was making. This is what we came up with: 

Using a black marker, I traced around the prints the best I could. I love it! It wouldn't get an A+ in a musical theory class, but it sure gets an A+ in my book! I think the little fingerprint music notes are too cute. 

We had a great time exploring music together this week. Just because the series is over, does not mean we will stop creating music and exploring sound! I encourage everyone to introduce their babies and little ones to music, and to help them make their own. It is such a great way to strengthen auditory awareness, help them learn cause and effect, strengthen motor skills, and just have fun! 

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  1. Thanks so much for this idea! I'm looking for ways to explore music with my toddler, and this fits perfectly!

    1. Oh I'm so happy that you liked it Akehia! :) Enjoy!