May 17, 2013

(Guest Post) Sensory Saturday: Music Themed Sensory Bin

Welcome to the "Music Fun for Your Little One" series brought to you by House of Burke and And Next Comes L, where we will be featuring a variety of activities perfect for introducing music to young children. 

Today I have asked Dyan of And Next Comes L to write the first ever guest post over here at the House of Burke to kick off our joint music week endeavor! Dyan never ceases to amaze me with her amazing activities and her awesome creativity. Go check out the phenomenal felt boards and quiet books that she makes for her two sweet boys! You will be wowed. She also has a ton of great sensory and learning activities. I am excited to be joining forces with her this week to introduce and explore music concepts with our kids!
Hi!  My name is Dyan and I write the blog And Next Comes L.  I am a stay at home mom to two boys, J (age 3.5) and K (20 months), but I also teach piano out of my home.  I love to dabble in all things creative, but my blog focuses primarily on fun, educational sensory activities and homemade toys, like activities for the felt board or quiet books.  And since both of my boys are obsessed with their ABCs and numbers, we do a lot of alphabet and number activities.
When Blayne asked me to write a guest post for her blog House of Burke, I was beyond excited.  I love her creativity and I think that the baby play ideas that she comes up with are absolutely wonderful and completely original.  Her posts often make me wish I did such awesome activities with my boys when they were just babies.  Kingston is definitely one lucky boy to have such an amazing mommy! 

Music plays an important role in my life and with me being a piano teacher, my boys have developed a love for music at a young age.  They especially love the piano and listening to classical music, so I thought it would be fun to put together a music themed sensory bin.  This bin is also baby friendly, making it good for even the littlest of sensory explorers.

A music themed sensory bin.
To put this sensory bin together, I printed off some classical piano sheet music from online.  A lot of classical sheet music is no longer copyright protected so there are plenty of databases to download from (my favorite site can be found here).  You can print off whatever you want, but I chose to stick with some of my favorite composers, Beethoven and Brahms.  This gave me a chance to talk about these amazing composers with my boys, which paid off because two days later, J was talking away about Beethoven.  Anyway, I shredded the sheet music, which the boys always find entertaining, and used it as the base for this sensory bin.

A close up of the shredded sheet music.
Other items that I included were some small instruments such as maracas, rice filled egg shakers (I made my own so you could too), and a cowbell.  I also cut out music notes, rests, and dynamic markings from black felt and black craft foam.  These items gave me a chance to talk about what the different symbols mean.  To represent staccatos (short notes in music), I used large black pom poms.  But perhaps the most popular item was the metronome.  I knew I had to include it in the sensory bin since the boys frequently steal it from my piano room.  As I always tell my beginner piano students, my metronome's name is Mr. 500 (see picture for why) and the boys absolutely love to adjust the knob to make it click at different speeds.  And it's a perfect tool for learning about rhythm.

Introducing Mr. 500!
My oldest son, J, explored this sensory bin, while K had his afternoon nap.

Pulling out the different music symbols.

Ooooh, shredded paper!

And onto the floor it goes!
When J finally came across the metronome, we started shaking the maracas and egg shakers in time with the metronome.  Such a perfect way to explore the concept of rhythm.

J shaking a maraca in time with the metronome.
Then K finally had a chance to check out the bin after supper.

Reaching for the maraca.

But who needs a maraca when there's a metronome!

And of course the little monkey had to dump the bin and climb on it.
J also joined in for another round of sensory play.

Shredded paper everywhere.

And my favorite picture!  J playing with the shredded paper with the grand piano in the background.

And even one of our cats couldn't resist playing with the staccatos...

Scooter vs. the pom pom.

Thank you to Blayne for having me guest post today and thank you for reading.  Be sure to check out my blog And Next Comes Ljoin my Facebook page, or follow us on Pinterest.

Don't forget to join us all week for more "Music Fun for Your Little One" activities!

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