May 31, 2013

Handprint Parrot - Jo-Ann Cape Discovery Summer Craft Challenge

Anyone that knows me, knows that I worked at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store (or Jo-Anns) as a young teenager. It opened my eyes to the wonderful world of crafting. Since I can remember I have loved to craft, but it wasn't until that job that I realized what a wonderful array of different hobbies I could have. Of course I wanted to try them all! I moved on from working at the craft store to becoming a teacher, but I still have a love for Jo-Ann stores. When I found out about the Jo-Ann Cape Discovery Summer Crafting Challenge, I was more than excited to participate!

Hey Kingston want to do a craft project?!

The craft I chose for Kingston and I to replicate was the Handprint Parrot. We love print crafts around here. We even have our own Pinterest board dedicated to them! This project was right up our alley!

To replicate this project, head on over to your local Jo-Ann stores for materials. To view the full list of materials and instructions, you can head over here. We changed things up a little bit based on Kingston's age and ability! The original instructions call for paint, but I chose to use ink. It is much easier to use ink for baby prints than paint. Paint is too wet and allows baby to move their hands and smear the image. Ink gives a clear concise print of those sweet little hands! I love print crafts. There is nothing like capturing the sheer tininess of little baby fingers and toes! For the prints, I used my favorite brand of ink pad purchased at Jo-Ann's: Vibrance. They are little mini ink pads, perfect size for baby fingers. The color is vibrant and comes off very easily with a baby wipe! I printed Kingston's hands and he was done with his portion of the project. He is so use to print crafts that he just smiled and stuck his hand out. He is such a good baby! 

While he crawled off to play with his toys, I cut different sized circles out of red construction paper for the belly and head, and also three feathers for the parrots plumage. Then, I cut a beak out of orange construction paper. Last, I free handed some green construction paper leaves for the corners. I glued all of this on, and finished up with some googly eyes. Jo-Ann's carries sticky-back eyes, so no glue necessary! It was very convenient. 

I think the project came out adorable! I love the way his little hands came out. 

Feel free to check out this project and 71 others in the awesome Jo-Ann Spring Catalog
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Jo-Ann's is holding a Pinterest challenge for participating crafters, so please don't hesitate to repin our side by side image including #summerofjoann. We would love to win the gift card prize!

Do you have a local Jo-Ann's near you? Stop on in and browse around. It is addictive! 

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  1. So cute. I love how yours turned out. Pinning!

  2. Love how it turned out. We picked the same project bc it was just so cute:-) I am featuring this on the kids co-op this week:-)

    1. Thanks Jaime! I love yours too! I thought this project was so fun and easy to do with kids of all ages! :) Thank you for featuring!