May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Grumpy!

Today was Grumpy's birthday! Since we have been staying with my parents it has been difficult to get a lot of crafts done, especially when it comes to surprises. So, I got up early with the baby to make a special surprise for my dad. I wanted to do something unique, cute, and maybe a little bit funny. I have seen a couple  prints of little baby bums on Pinterest and thought this would be a great opportunity to try it! Kingston has the cutest little butt. I can't even stand it! So, why not try to capture it in all of its sweet baby booty glory!

I squeezed some blue paint onto a paper plate and using a paper towel, patted his little bum until it was covered. Then with the assistance of Todd, I sat Kingston on a piece of white cardstock and then picked him back up. After, we plopped K right into the bath tub and scrubbed him clean. The print came out adorable! He was such a good sport about it too. I'm sure he thought we were crazy. Okay, so we may be a little bit! The outcome was too cute to resist though. I came up with a funny little saying to go with it and Grumpy LOVED it!!

After we gave Grumpy this print and the rest of his gifts, we all went to breakfast at IHOP. Kingston slept for most of breakfast, but woke up long enough to flirt with and charm all of the waitresses!

When we finished with breakfast, we drove around aimlessly and looked at houses in neighborhoods that we love. This is one of our family past times. We love to pick out houses we would like to live in someday! After that, we decided to walk around downtown Newburyport. We went to all of the different shops and bought a few little things. Todd bought me two sets of Chewbeads in black and cream for Mother's Day! I will definitely be reviewing these after I have used them a few times. We also bought K a little grey elephant to offer him at night to try to help him sleep better and a green bib that says "I Love Sushi"! We had a great time walking around and browsing in the beautiful weather. 

Todd's shirt has a cloth diaper on it and says "Real Men Change Diapers"! 

The rest of the day was spent celebrating over pot roast and chocolate raspberry cake at the Glamparents house. Grumpy had a great birthday and Kingston got to experience all kinds of new people and places throughout the day! 

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