Jun 11, 2013

100 Baby Play Ideas for our 100th Post

We have officially reached our 100th post!! I was planning on getting this up almost a week ago, but little man was sick - first came the intussusception, then came the roseola. Needless to say, we have been living a little bit of a nightmare recently. Now that sweet boy is on the mend, I thought it would be a great time to get this up! Everything we do over here at House of Burke is geared towards the baby set. Why? Well because Kingston is the star of the show, and that is where he is at! As he gets older, so will this blog. It will evolve and mature as he does. However, as we add other little Burkelets to our family, the baby play ideas will continue to come! I wanted to take the time to highlight some of our favorite past posts and some of our favorite baby play posts from fellow bloggers. Enjoy this compilation of 50 ideas from House of Burke, and 50 ideas from our friends! 

This list of resources is broken down into 7 categories: Sensory Play, Sensory Bottles, Bins, & Bags, Print Crafts, Gross Motor Play, Heuristic Play, Baby Art, and Learning With Baby! Each of these activities and crafts are developmentally appropriate for the infants, although almost all of them can also be used with toddlers. As always, please use your best judgement when choosing an activity to do with your little one, and always use close supervision throughout! 

Sensory Play

  1. Popcorn Play - House of Burke
  2. Potato Flake Sensory Play - Growing a Jeweled Rose
  3. Gelatin Play - Fun At Home With Kids
  4. Shredded Paper Party - Kz and Me
  5. Sensory Spider Web - House of Burke
  6. Water Beads for Babies - Nothing if not Intentional
  7. Raspberry Spaghetti Play - The Imagination Tree
  8. Baby Playdough - Rainy Day Mum
  9. Baby Play: Mirror Reflections - Hands On As We Grow
  10. Mashed Potato Dough - Playing and Learning Begins At Home
  11. Flower Sensory Board - House of Burke
  12. Exploring Sticky - Fun At Home With Kids 
  13. Texture Runway for Crawling Babies - Kz And Me
  14. Jell-O Ice Play - Growing a Jeweled Rose
  15. Sensory Pudding Paint - Train Up a Child 
  16. Baby Play: Shells - Rainy Day Mum 
  17. Sensory Butterfly - House of Burke
  18. Fiber Optic Sensory Cave - The Imagination Tree
  19. Rubber Ducky Bath - Bath Activities for Kids
  20. Playing with Sponges - Happy Hooligans 
  21. Fabric Scraps Sensory - Hands On As We Grow
  22. Activities for the Very Young Who Eat Everything - Mama Smiles
  23. It's A Texture Thing - Little Moments To Embrace
  24. Water Play Sensory Exploration - House of Burke
  25. DIY Sensory Boards - Fun At Home With Kids
  26. Light Exploration for Baby - Kz And Me
  27. Playing with Scarves - Playing and Learning Begins At Home
  28. Homemade Baby Guitar - House of Burke
  29. Instant Pudding and Ice Play - Rainy Day Mum
  30. Simple Ideas for Baby Play At Home - The Good Long Road 
  31. Bug Bath for Baby - House of Burke
  32. Play with Recycled Materials - Kz And Me 
  33. The Great Wipe Pull - Royal Baloo
  34. Pots and Pans Band - House of Burke

Sensory Bottles, Bins, & Bags 
35. Nature Sensory Bottles - House of Burke
36. 5 Simple Sensory Bins for Babies - Train Up a Child
37. Ladybug Sensory Bin - House of Burke
39. Fishing for Cereal - Nothing if not Intentional 
40. Cat in the Hat Sensory Bottle - House of Burke
41. Birdseed Sensory Play - Fun At Home With Kids
42. Music Themed Sensory Bin - And Next Comes L 
43. Bug Small World - House of Burke
44. Spaghetti Baby Play - Kz and Me
45. Exploring Dry Pasta and Couscous - House of Burke
46. Circles in Water Play - Familylicious
47. Bouncy Ball Sensory Bottle - House of Burke
48. Pom Pom Sensory Bin - Plain Vanilla Mom 
49. Lorax Sensory Paint Bags - House of Burke
50. Play with a Tray - Laughing Kids Learn 
51. Musical Sensory Shaker Bottle - House of Burke
52. Exploring Ice - House of Burke
53. Shaving Cream Sensory Bags - Growing a Jeweled Rose 
54. Egg Sensory Bottles - House of Burke
55. Fun with Ice Cubes - Plain Vanilla Mom 
56. Cereal and Scented Sensory Bags - House of Burke

Print Crafts 
We REALLY like our print crafts! 

57. Musical Note Prints - House of Burke
58. Handprint Parrot - House of Burke
59. Baby Bum Prints - House of Burke
60. Carrot Footprints - House of Burke
61. Rainbow Fish Handprints - Rainy Day Mum 
62. Dr. Seuss Print Crafts - House of Burke
63. Footprint Bunny - House of Burke
64. Handprint Rainbow - House of Burke
65. Paper Plate Print Earth - House of Burke

Gross Motor Play

66. Confetti Paper Art - And Next Comes L 
67. Exploring Balls - House of Burke
68. Demolition Derby - Kz And Me
69. Playing Ball - House of Burke
70. Block Towers - Hands On As We Grow

Heuristic Play 

73. Baby Play With Magazines - Plain Vanilla Mom
74. Circles Treasure Basket - The Imagination Tree
75. How to Make a Treasure Basket for Your Baby - Living Montessori Now
76. Mystery Sensory Bags: The Kitchen - House of Burke

Baby Art

77. Spikey Ball Painting - House of Burke
78. Painting with Carrots - House of Burke
79. Spring Mosaic - House of Burke
80. Baby Collage - Laughing Kids Learn 
81. Bouncy Ball Sensory Bag Painting - House of Burke
82. Tinfoil Painting - House of Burke
83. Green Fingerpaint Exploration - House of Burke
84. Contact Paper Earth - House of Burke
85. Shredded Paper Mural - Kz And Me
87. Contact Paper Chick - House of Burke
88. Sticky Honey Painting - House of Burke
89. Tape Resist Piano - House of Burke
90. Gooey Color Paint Exploring - Powerful Mothering 
91. Favorite Chick Painting - House of Burke
92. Beetle in a Bag Painting - House of Burke
93. Tape Resist Football - House of Burke
94. Tape Resist Surfboards - And Next Comes L
95. Tape Resist Eggs - House of Burke

Learning with Baby

96. Dr. Seuss ABC Activity - House of Burke 
97. Learning About Owls - House of Burke
98. Green Eggs and Ham Activity - House of Burke
100. My Many Colored Days Activity - House of Burke

Thank you so much for joining me for these first 100 posts! I look forward to writing thousands more in the future. I hope you take the time to visit all the different blogs listed here and show them some love. Feel free to come visit House of Burke on Pinterest and follow us on Facebook!


  1. So much work went into this! What an incredible list. Happy 100 posts! I will spend the next month pinning all of these ideas :) Thank you for including so many of our ideas. xoxo Krissy

    1. Thanks Krissy!! :) I almost included your entire blog lol

  2. What a fantastic list, Blayne. And congratulations on post #100!!

  3. What a great list! I'll pin it straight way.
    As baby activity my 3 kids enjoyed very much also playing with colored pasta and magical rice sorting. These are really fun baby sensory activities.

    1. Thanks for pinning Angela and thanks for sharing those posts! I am off to peek at them! :)

  4. A friend asked for some ideas to do with here young tot and all I had to do was send her this list! Awesome! Thanks for putting this together, wish I had it when my son was younger :)

    1. Aww thanks Samantha!! I'm so glad that it was helpful, and I appreciate you sharing it! :)

  5. What an amazing collection! Thank you so much for including Growing a Jeweled Rose. Super appreciated! Pinned and will be sharing =D

    1. Thanks Crystal! You have such amazing ideas, it was difficult to choose just one! Thank you for pinning and sharing. :)

  6. LOVE this collection, Blayne! And seeing pictures of K always makes me smile. I've already pinned this! Thanks so much for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday!

    1. Thank you Mary Catherine!! I appreciate you pinning. Glad to know that the insane amount of Kingston pictures I share is appreciated! :)

  7. This is an amazing and comprehensive list! Will be pinning and sharing.