Jun 4, 2013

Magic Moments Monday #1 - Kingston's First Swim

Welcome to the first ever Magic Moments Monday!

This weekend was truly a magical one for my little family. Kingston went swimming for the very first time!

My parents pool is the best. It truly is. It is the pool of my childhood, and pretty much the only place I feel completely comfortable swimming. It is where I learned to swim as a toddler. Flash forward 23 years to today. It was completely surreal to see my sweet little man enjoying the very same pool. 

We got him all lathered up in about a pound of sunscreen (he is very fair!), his sun hat, cloth swim diaper, and upf swim suit. He was totally ready for a dip. He loves the bath, and I had high hopes that he would be a little fish baby in the water. 

(Notice my closed eyes in this picture - yup that's because Kingston was splashing Mama!)

I was right! He loved it! He kicked and splashed like a true pro. He loved being pulled around the pool by Dada, and hopping around the pool with Mama. 

The pool has round wedding cake steps for us to all sit on. The baby enjoyed sitting and splashing himself and everybody else. I talked to him about the water and how it was wet. He was so amused by this giant bath tub! 

There is nothing like sweet baby toes! 

We sat Kingston on a raft and pulled him all around the shallow end (holding on to him at all times of course). It made him giddy, laughing and shrieking the entire time! The wind was so strong, it kept blowing his giant sun hat up in the air. 

The whole family was in the pool and took turns passing Kingston around. He was so at home in the water. Watching him was truly magical. We sat as a family on the steps and soaked up the togetherness. This was everyone's first swim of the summer and it couldn't have been better. Towards the end of our swim, K sat in Dada's lap on the steps and seemed to be falling asleep. It was too sweet to see how relaxed he was in such a new environment. 

There is nothing more magical to me than watching your child experience a first. 

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  1. Lovely Post. Every first is truly magical! So glad you are back home with you little man and that he is doing better!

    1. Thanks Jessica! We are so happy to be home with a healthy baby! :)

  2. I love this moment! It reminds me of when my boys first started to swim. Just excitement and laughter. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It was such a fun experience. He would have stayed in all day if we had let him! :)

  3. Oh wow, he's so calm for his very first dip! A natural water baby!

    1. Thanks Ness! He has always loved the water. He didn't even cry when we gave him his very first bath way back when. Now we have to drag him out of the tub he loves it so much. I'm looking forward to a water-filled summer with this little water baby!