Jun 17, 2013

May Mommy and Baby Favorites

Wow.. this post is beyond late! It is almost time for me to do our June favorites, but I couldn't just skip May. Especially, when we have so many fun things to share! I will start with some of our very favorite products this month.
(Amazon Affiliate links included for your convenience) 

Chewbeads - I have wanted Chewbeads since I was pregnant with Kingston. The concept is so unbelievably cool to me, the price not so much. However, now that I own two necklaces, I can honestly say that they are worth every penny. In fact, I plan on getting more! The necklaces I have are the Chewbeads Necklace - Perry Necklace - Black and Chewbeads Hudson Necklace in Ivory. I love the style of the black one the best, but I wear them both. Kingston loves them. He gnaws on them constantly. If he is in my arms, most likely he is gnawing on my Chewbeads. I've noticed when I don't wear them, Kingston will eat my hair. Clearly, he likes chomping on them. When I need to entertain him, I just take them off and hand them to him. The only peeve I have with them is that lately they have started catching my hair in the back. Other than that though, they are virtually indestructible and they smell great. I even gnaw on them sometimes. Don't judge!

California Baby Calming French Lavender Jelly Mousse  - If you are an avid reader of House of Burke, I'm sure you have noticed that Kingston has some awesome hair. Hey, it's true! He has a full head of amazing red hair. It is soft, silky, thick, and super long! It grows like crazy. In fact, he was born with a full head of hair that he lost and then regrew all within a few months. We use to put it into a mohawk when it was shorter, but as it has gotten longer it is getting harder and harder to spike up. My sister picked up this mousse by one of our favorite brands, and it was the answer to our hair dilemma! It isn't sticky and it doesn't flake. It is made with natural starches and is not harmful in any way to baby. It works really well to hold his hair up and gives him killer 'hawk status! It also smells delicious. We have the same scent in his shampoo, body wash, and lotion, so I suppose you could say that we like it! This mousse is awesome. It would be great for a little girl with curly hair or for any other styling necessity. We love it. 

Badger Chamomile and Calendula Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Baby Sunscreen - We love this sunscreen! Originally, I had picked up Adorable Baby SPF 30+ Sunscreen, but after one really bad sunburn despite multiple applications, I knew I had to go with something different. I am a little nuts when it comes to what I put on my baby's skin. I generally only use California Baby and other completely natural and safe brands. I live on the EWG (Environmental Working Group)'s website! The Adorable Baby ranked the safest of all the sunscreens which is why I tried it first. The Badger ranks just as high, but I had read a few reviews that said it was too herbal and was greasy. I actually really like it. It smells nice, goes on great, and doesn't feel greasy to me! I would definitely recommend it. My baby is super fair skinned and we have been out multiple times using it with success. We generally do not sit in direct sunlight though, and I reply at least 1000 times. Throw out the chemical-laden conventional sunscreens and buy this fantastic all natural one!

Winston - I have been trying to search for a lovey for quite sometime that Kingston would actually take to. While we were out and about on a family excursion, we stopped in a little coastal toy shop. We must have handed K 100 stuffed animals, but when we picked up this one we new immediately that he had to have it. It is the SOFTEST and silkiest little guy in the world. I can't help but snuggle him every time I pick him up. Kingston loved him immediately and wouldn't stop hugging him. We named him Winston, which actually unintentionally sounds a bit like Kingston. (I must admit, I sometimes call him Wingston!) He sits in the corner of K's crib in case he needs a snuggle in the middle of the night. He is the sweetest stuffed animal ever. His technical name is: Gund Trunkers 10.5" Plush - Small. If you are looking for a stuffed animal for your little one, you must get this one! You could have your very own Winston. He is a hell of a lot cheaper on Amazon then in store. I think we paid $5 more. He also comes in a girl version that has soft pink satin ears instead of blue. Welcome to the House of Burke little Winston! 

Carter's 2-Piece Pajamas - We began a love affair with Carter's 2 piece pajama sets this month. Glam*Ma started it by purchasing these first, then we went ahead and bought like 5 more sets. Each set comes with two shirts, a pair of pants, and a pair of shorts. They are two cute for words. We purchased all size 12 months. They were a bit big at the beginning of the month, but by the end they fit perfect. He looks like such a big boy in these. I love the colors and designs on them, so much so that I wouldn't mind putting him in some of them as outfits. Some of the short and shirt combos could definitely double as comfortable everyday wear. We have sharks, dinos, airplanes, dumptrucks, submarines, monsters, and outer space. Love these pajamas. 

Playskool Cushy Cruisers - Kingston's favorite toy this month by far has been these two over-sized trucks. They have squishy bodies, hard wheels, and they make tons of different noises if you push their front ends. We have two of them, Rowdie the Garbage Truck and Handy The Tow Truck. The garbage truck was given to us secondhand by a friend. K loved it so much, that Grumpy picked up the tow truck. They are in such vibrant colors and are really fun to play with. Kingston is a natural and zooms them around the room. It is beyond adorable. If he is getting into mischief, all I have to do is start playing with one of these and he comes speed crawling over. He likes to bash them together, make them do wheelies, and flip them upside down so that he can spin the wheels. Watching those tiny little hands spin the wheels while with that determined look on his face is enough to make this Mama melt right into the ground. Be still my heart, this boy is too much cute for me to handle!

i play. Unisex-baby Infant Solid Brim Sun Protection Hat - The first sunhat I picked up for Kingston had no ties. This was back when he kept hats, sunglasses, holiday themed ears, etc. on his head with no issues. Flash forward to May and he was a hat removing wild man! I picked up this hat at Buy Buy Baby. It is big, floppy, and just plain adorable on him. I like that it has uv protection built in and that it is has a customized fit to his little head. He isn't generally successful in pulling this hat off. So far, so good. It is a great, simple unisex sunhat!

In the month of May, Mama and Dada found a new favorite show, Sons of Anarchy! Everyone we know is super into the show, but we had never jumped on the bandwagon. When we got Netflix recently, I knew we had to start at the very beginning and watch our way through. We are almost through the second season and loving it. It is such a great show. It really sucks you in! Kingston has also found two favorite shows. These have actually been his favorite shows for awhile: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sid the Science Kid. He is absolutely obsessed with Mickey. He squeals, claps, and waves as soon as he comes on the screen. My qualms about letting my baby watch any television quickly dissipated once I saw that little face light up with happiness. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that smile! He loves when they say "Oh Toodles!", and we get up and do the "Hotdog Dance" without fail each and every time. I sing every song while Kingston dances. K has everyone in the family hooked on it too. Even Grumpy says "Oh Toodles!" in his best high pitched shriek! Sid the Science Kid was the first show that he seemed drawn to. I think I mentioned it in one of his monthly updates awhile back. He still loves Sid. We sing all of those songs too. I love this show also. It is educational and fun. I feel smarter watching it. Seriously. Great show for sure!

Crawling - Kingston loves crawling! May is the month that he really started crawling everywhere and getting into everything. This was also the month of baby proofing. It is so much fun to watch our sweet boy crawl everywhere and exert his independence. I love that he can go choose which toy he wants to play with. He also has been pulling up on the exersaucer and random places. He is getting so big! 

Other favorite things: being upside down, organic bananas, broccoli, Happy Baby Green Puffs, Krull, Krull's toys, Mama's laptop, and the Glamparents!

Stay tuned for our June favorites! I will try to get them up a lot quicker this time. 


  1. Love your list! We love so many of the same things. I get my teething necklaces from etsy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SmileSunshineDesigns They're much cheaper. :) She gave me a coupon code for my reader's too...hmm, I wonder if it still works? I want another one! :) Great list!!


    (Sorry, I can't link to my wordpress account. This is Rachael from Nothing if Not Intentional.)

    1. Thanks Rachael!! Thanks a bunch for that link! Those necklaces look awesome, are much cheaper, AND do not pull your hair in the back (which is a huge pet peeve of mine!) If you still have that coupon code I would greatly appreciate it!! I want to place an order asap! :) Thanks!!