Jun 21, 2013

Talon's Curious George Themed 1st Birthday Party!

This past weekend, our little family attended the 1st Birthday party for little Talon, the son of our dear friends, The Smiths. This was the first child's birthday party that Kingston has ever attended, and we were all very excited to go. Julie, the Mama, put together an adorable party with a Curious George theme! I was blown away by how fun the set up was and all of the awesome details. I knew for sure that I had to share it along with the excellent time we had!

Let's start with the present we got him. We bought him a classic Radio Flyer Tricycle (Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike), a Schylling Sock Monkey, and Curious George and the Birthday Surprise. I tied the sock money to the tricycle and put the book in a matching red bag attached to the steering wheel.

I wrapped it in a yellow tablecloth with a red ribbon. Tied to the ribbon, I made a custom book plate based on the book Curious George Rides a Bike. (This is the book I had wanted to include in the gift, since that is what it was based off of, but I couldn't find it in store!) I changed Curious George to "Curious Talon" which is what his adorable invitations AND his sweet birthday shirt said. Then I wrote, "Happy 1st Birthday Curious Talon! Can you guess what's inside?" 

I also found this sweet Curious George shirt at Old Navy for him to wear to the party, so that he could stay in theme! (Can you tell I was a little bit excited?!) He also rocked a giant red mohawk.

When we got to the party, the house and the backyard were all decked out in adorable custom Curious George decorations. The dessert table inside the house was just gorgeous! There was a custom banner, a Curious George cake, and themed cookies that were absolutely delightful. 

(Both the cake and cookies were DELICIOUS by the way. I feel like desserts this pretty usually don't taste that good, but these were out of this world. In fact, I plan on ordering some of these cookies for K's 1st birthday!)

The backyard was set up with all kinds of fun stuff. The yard was separated into different areas and activities based on specific Curious George books. It was so kid friendly, and there were so many places for the kiddos to explore and play. This was definitely a well thought out setup because all of the children attending were different ages, and all were able to have a blast exploring and playing!

 Curious George Goes to the Zoo (Kingston loved this one!)

Curious George's First Day of School (look there is hubby and K in the background!)

Here is Kingston exploring the sandbox. This was his first time with sand, and he loved it!! We will definitely have to invest in one of these eventually.

They also had a tent set up (that I somehow missed taking a picture of) based on Curious George Goes Camping. Next to the pizza refreshments they had the book Curious George and the Pizza Party. It was just adorable. Kingston and Talon had fun playing in the different areas together. I have to say, those two really hit it off. It was so precious to watch. They couldn't stop reaching for each other and holding hands. There was also another little baby there, and we had a great time watching them all play with each other!

Here they are playing with one of the puppies from the puppy area. Oh I could just eat them both up!

Over on top of the hot tub cover, they had all of the presents, favors, and a creative guest book set up! The favors were amazing! Each child received a copy of three Curious George books, a lollipop, and a Barrel of Monkeys. We loved being able to add more books to our collection! Especially since we only own a couple Curious George books. The guest book was a copy of Curious George and the Birthday Surprise! The caption in the frame behind it read "When I'm older I'll be CURIOUS about who was here to celebrate with me. Please sign my book and leave a note for me! <3 Curious Talon". Oh the cuteness!

We had a great time visiting, eating delicious food, and playing! Kingston even shared some watermelon with his Dada.

I have never been to a 1st birthday party, so I was really excited to watch little Talon smash his cake. We sang Happy Birthday, and watched him explore. First, he picked up the little Curious George figurine and gave it a few nibbles! Then he tentatively took a bite of his cake. After that, he dove right in! It was so precious to watch. 

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Talon!! We had an absolute blast celebrating with you and your wonderful family!

One last picture. Here is Kingston 5 minutes after we got home from the party. I think he might have had fun!


  1. This is adorable!!!! I love that each station is centered around a different Curious George book. My 3 yr old is a big George fan, he would love this. :)

    1. Talon's Mama did a great job setting up stations that were appropriate for all ages! I bet your little guy would definitely have loved it! :)

  2. Love it! Would you be willing to share your file for the book signing? Thanks so much! EricaLeeAllen@hotmail.com

    1. Thank you! Which file? This party was put on by a friend of mine, so I do not have access to any of the signage that she made.