Jul 4, 2013

4th of July Crafts for Baby

Happy 4th of July to all of our American readers! We are interrupting our beach/ocean Baby School unit to bring you some fun patriotic crafts that we did today. I was a big slacker on this holiday unfortunately. It crept up on us way to quickly! Usually I am much more on top of things, but here we were this morning making some keepsake crafts to commemorate Kingston's first Independence Day celebration!

I knew I wanted to make a tape resist craft and a print craft. These are my two favorite art activities to do with baby after all! The first craft we did was a tape resist handprint American flag.

For this project, you will need: white cardstock, masking tape, a small white square big enough to cover the top left corner of paper, red fingerpaint, and blue ink. 

First, I made a rudimentary flag outline on a piece of paper. Obviously it wasn't perfect, nor was it accurate. I just wanted to get the basic concept of what it looked like. Then I cut a small square of white paper and taped that in the top left corner in order to keep that corner clear of any red paint. Then I taped it down to Kingston's high chair and poured some red fingerpaint on top. K knew what to do from here! 

When he was done covering the paper, I removed the paper and set it aside to dry. After cleaning him up, I removed the white corner piece from the paper and revealed the clean white square underneath. I inked Kingston's hand with blue ink and made a handprint in the corner. It would have made more sense for accuracy if I had did a white handprint on a blue background, but this was good enough for me! 

After we did this craft, I inked Kingston's little tootsies in order to make some patriotic footprint keepsakes, leaving the center of the foot without ink! 

Then I stamped each one on a piece of cardstock. The result was just too adorable to handle! 

I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I am so excited to have this footprint keepsake of Kingston's first 4th of July! I will be posting more on our 4th of July day on Sunday for my Magic Moments Monday post, so stay tuned. 

Happy 4th of July 2013!! 


  1. The footprint keepsake is great! I love a creative way to celebrate and remember baby's milestones. Thanks so much for sharing, Blayne.

  2. Adorable. Wish I had done that for my grandchildren.