Jul 18, 2013

Beach Prints

Over the course of our beach/ocean theme, Kingston has been doing some really cute print crafts. We love print crafts and I try to have K do a handful every month to capture how adorable his little feet and hands are! There are so many beach and ocean themed print crafts that can be done. I couldn't help myself!

The first print craft we did were these simple sandy footprints. I painted Kingston's little toes with glue (yup GLUE!) and then printed the glue feet onto a piece of cardstock. I sprinkled some craft sand onto the glue quickly before it could dry and then hurried to wash off Kingston's toes! I shook off the leftover sand and voila, some sandy little beach themed toes.

The next project we did was a simple one that is super common on the daycare scene. I swear we did these every year when I was an infant teacher! Crab prints! These are super simple. Just dip each hand in red ink and press down making the hands mirror each other. Don't forget to glue on some googly eyes!

The next two print crafts I found on Pinterest. I knew that I had to do these prints because they are beyond adorable. Kingston made lobsters! Or as we say it in our neck of the woods, LOBSTAHS. The best lobster comes from New England, and so do we. So I was so excited to have Kingston do these adorable prints.

And, I can't post something without including a picture of my little man. So here he is in all of his neon glory: