Jul 15, 2013

June Mommy and Baby Favorites

Once again, I am a bit late with our monthly favorites, but for good reason! We are just having way too much fun doing beach/ocean themed crafts and activities. Without further ado, here are our favorites items for the month of June!

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Ball Pit - Our ball pit made its debut in June, and has remained a favorite since! This is the simplest ball pit ever, a plastic baby pool and ball pit balls, but Kingston is in it ALL day every day. He climbs in and out, in and out (that actually started in July) and can't seem to get enough of it. He takes his books in there to read, watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in there, and pretends to swim. He loves his ball pit. You can read more about K's ball pit HERE

Who Loves Baby? is a waterproof photo album by Sassy, designed for baby's to get to know their family members by looking at snapshots of them. Kingston loves this album. I put a picture of him and an immediate family member on each page. There are seven slots (one on the front and six large picture slots inside). There is a family picture on the first page, then Kingston and Daddy, Kingston and Mama, Kingston and Glam*Ma, Kingston and Grumpy, and Kingston and Aunta. We are working on learning the names of everyone in the each picture. He can find anybody I ask him to. If I say, "Where is Glam*Ma?, he will flip to the correct page. He can find AND name me, Todd, and my sister. He can't really say Glam*Ma (except for the occasional "Mam-Maw") or Grumpy yet, but we are working on it! Here is a similar album by Sassy: Sassy Baby's First Books

Chuck & Friends Mini Trucks - These are just a few of the mini trucks that Kingston owns. I think he is one truck away from owning the entire collection. These are the small version of the big Cushy Cruisers that I posted about last month. He loves these. He zooms them all around the house. We take them in the car and to restaurants. He loves cars and trucks. He moves them back and forth and says, "Va, va, va" just like he does with the larger ones. 

DK Tabbed Board Books - Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to Kingston and these books. He literally reads them 100 times a day. Over and over and over. He sits with them himself and independently reads them. They entertain him for hours everyday. I love watching him learn and discover through looking at the pictures. I love to sit with him and point out each object. These are great for building his vocabulary. So far, he can find the puppy on each page. He also will look at a certain object that he knows the name of after I say it. These books are colorful, interactive, and full of great pictures. So far, we have Tabbed Board Books: My First Words , My First Colors: Let's Learn Them All! (TAB BOARD BOOKS) , and Tabbed Board Books: My First Farm: Let's Get Working! (TAB BOARD BOOKS). The Farm book is his absolute favorite. I am going to have to buy a back up copy! 

Disney Plush Mickey Mouse - It is no secret that my child LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey. It's funny because I love Disney, but I despise commercialized children's toys. I hate those horrible, illiterate books that they sell at the grocery store based on movies. I don't like dressing my child in character attire, etc etc. HOWEVER, since K was born I have reneged on this because seeing his face light up when he sees a character makes me so happy and it makes HIM so happy. SO, I take back what I previous thought (though I'm still not too keen on him wearing character clothing), and he now has this Mickey. He got it while he was in the hospital from the gift shop. Mickey sleeps in the corner of the crib next to Kingston every night. K also likes to watch his favorite show with his favorite stuffed pal in his arms. It's precious I tell you! 

Happy Baby Organic Puffs - Kingston LOVES these. They are organic, packed with nutrients, and fun to eat! I love them to! 

BabyGanics The Grime Fighter All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender - This stuff is awesome! I stock up when Babies R Us has "Buy One Get One" on BabyGanics products. This really is an all purpose cleaner. I tried everything to clean the straps on Kingston's high chair (paint and food built up on the daily) and I couldn't find anything that would work besides machine washing them. Obviously I can't be machine washing the straps three times a day, so I was thrilled when I found that this worked wonders! I use it for everything else also. I wipe my counters with it, I spot clean the floor with it, and I use it for all of Kingston's (and the dog's) oopsie moments! Run to the store and get some of this stuff. It is all natural and awesome! 

Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper, Robot Boy - I love Charlie Banana's one-size diapers! They are absolutely AMAZING! They are fitting Kingston perfectly right now. They have super cute colors and prints (check out this robot one!) and they are amazing quality. I have about 12 of them in our stash currently, but want to invest in some more. The sizing is done on the inside leg like a bra strap. They are so simple to use, versatile, and great quality. We love Charlie Banana's at the House of Burke.

Other favorites this month: good health, snuggling, lullabies, pulling and eating Mama's hair, opening and closing doors, reading on his own, and giving Mama slobbery kisses. 

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