Jul 28, 2013

Kingston:10 Months

Our precious angel turned 10 months on Sunday (the day we visited the zoo!) We have officially hit double digits. Oh goodness. Can it be true?! This is just crazy. Every day that goes by now, I marvel at how very close we are to my sweet newborn baby's FIRST BIRTHDAY. I mean he is a newborn still right?! No??? Well it seems like literally just yesterday that he was. Time is cruel that way!

I don't even know where to start with this month. He is seriously a different baby now than he was just a month ago. I suppose I will start with the facts!

10 month stats:
Weight - 20 lbs. 7 oz (25%)
Height - 29 1/4 in. (75%)
Clothing Size - Mostly 9-12 and 12 months, but fits into some 9 and some 18!
Favorite Song - Old McDonald Had a Farm
Favorite Book - Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton
Favorite TV Show - Sid the Science Kid and Mickey (as always) He is also really liking Doc McStuffins .. oh wait or was that me?
Favorite Toy - Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider
Favorite Activities - cruising, walking, reading, snuggling, attacking Mama with smooches, helping Daddy around the house, BATH TIME!! and any other type of water play, taking stroller walks
Favorite Food - Eggs, bananas, and water from his new favorite sippy cup!

Lets see, life events. This month Kingston had his first 4th of July! We had a cookout with family and lit off some minor fireworks. K loved the sparklers, but was NOT impressed with the fireworks at all. He also went to the beach for the very first time! He loved playing in the sand and exploring, but did not like the sound of the crashing waves. We were so shocked since he is obsessed with water, but he just wasn't into it. I think if we were to take him back now, he would be fine! We celebrated Aunta's birthday this month also. Kingston made Aunta an "L" (the first letter of her name) out of footprints and a handprint heart. Her real birthday present from him was his now perfect pronunciation of "Aunta" in full context. He finds her picture, sees her coming towards him, or hears or voice and says "Aunta!", "Aunta, Aunta!", or "Hi Aunta!". It is so sweet. Kingston also had his 9 month photoshoot, which resulted in the amazing pictures you see here! For a baby who seemed to refuse to smile, his pictures sure came out great. We will be sending some of these to his agent and one of them will be featured on his first birthday invitation!

He has changed so much physically this month, it's insane! He now officially pulls up on EVERYTHING and skirts the furniture. He was doing a little bit of this here and there previously, but now he even pulls up on us while we are standing around. He pulls up on all of his toys to play, all of the furniture, cabinets, and even walls! It's just plain crazy to watch him maneuver the entire house on foot. I can't believe that my little man is capable of such things. He is so good at getting up and down. He also is a climber! He climbs the fireplace, in and out of his ball pit, onto his motorcycle, and tries to climb all of his toys. He also learned how to climb stairs this month! It gives me a bit of a heart attack, but he does really well. One of the most amazing things he did this month was learn to walk with a walker. He actually did this at the very beginning of the month. He pulled up on the walker and just took off. Now, he is constantly walking around the house pushing something! He is so close to walking on his own it is crazy! It's wild to see this little baby walking around. 

Another HUGE physical development was the emergence of Kingston's very first tooth! He cut his first tooth on July 12. It is the bottom left front tooth! He was chomping like crazy on everything in sight for several days and his gums were really puffy. He was taking a pretty steady dose of Camilia and wearing his teething necklace constantly. He managed to cut the first tooth without much issue. I was so excited when I saw that pointy white sliver poking through. Boy is that tooth sharp now! Holy moly. He reminds me of a puppy the way he chomps with his brand new sharp tooth. It is so darn cute! To go with his new tooth, he has a brand new big boy smile. He grins this new smile of pure joy that I just love. It is so adorable! Here it is in all of it's glory: 

K is doing all kinds of new silly things. He likes to wrestle the Boppy pillow around the room. He jumps on it, tackling it. He pushes it over and over laughing. He is also making all kinds of new noises. He makes trumpet sounds, blows raspberries, says "blah blah blah" with his little tongue out. Speaking of, his tongue is ALWAYS out! 

When Kingston doesn't want something now he says, "Na, na, na!" He is very adamant about what he does and doesn't want. He makes super frustrated noises when he is trying to get his point across. He is trying so hard to communicate, imitating words and starting to sign. He now signs "more" by either clapping his hands together, signing with one hand closed and one opened, or sometimes doing the accurate sign. He also signs all done which has to be the cutest thing ever. He frantically waves his hands on the sides of his head. I love it so much! It is beyond adorable. 

This month he has tried a few new foods, the most important of them being egg! He loves himself some delicious cage-free organic eggs scrambled up in a tiny bit of butter with broccoli. He pretty much loves eggs every possible way. I also baked him some organic, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free super healthy muffins using organic (applesauce, banana, and pumpkin!). He has been eating those daily. He tried grass-fed beef and mushrooms cooked together with garlic and some other yumminess. He has also tried several different breads. He is such an amazing eater. He really loves food! 

Some other facts this month: 

He takes baths in the sink! (and makes a ginormous mess!)
His hair is getting super long and curling over his ears!
He loves his puppy so very much and also loves all other puppies.
He is getting super hairy legs, though its blonde so no biggie!
We have been going on a 5 mile walk every morning where he likes to look at nature, the birds, and the animals!

I can't believe my baby is in the double digits! Just a couple short months until the big 1! 

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