Jul 5, 2013

Ocean Board Books for Baby and Toddler

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Every time we start a new Baby School theme, I like to go through Kingston's book collection and pick out some books that best fit the theme and read them throughout the unit. I leave a stack out for him to look at as he pleases, and it is adorable to watch him crawl over and pull one out to look at! For this theme, however, I had two books. So, a trip to the Used Book Superstore was in order. I was psyched! They were having a sale, so Dada watched K while I went to the store and went wild! 

Sea Animals by Amy Ericksen features six different sea animals depicted in beautiful water color illustrations. This book really caught my eye because it is an informational book for baby. I love the typical rhyming, silly, fun picture books for baby, however, I really strive to find board books that are educational also. This book tells what the animals eat, their habits, and specific facts that are unique to each one of them. 

Baby Sparkle: Who Lives in the Sea (Happy Baby) - Kingston loves these books! As soon as I saw this, I had to snatch it up. This book has a series of tabs down the right side of it that baby can simply pull to open to the page where that animal is located. Not only that, but it also has vibrant sparkles on each picture and beautiful real-life photos are sea creatures. This was the first book K gravitated to when I took all of the books out of the bag. He loves to point at the different animals and I love the rhymes that are both fun and educational. 

Sea Lion Swims - a Smithsonian Let's Go to the Zoo book - This is a simple, sweet book about a real life sea lion and how he spends his day. The pictures are real photos which I think really helps baby relate to and learn about an animal easier. We have a few other books in this series. They are great introductions to different animals for the little crowd.

Baby Beluga (Raffi Songs to Read) - Most people know Baby Beluga! I loved Baby Beluga as a child. I sing it to Kingston all the time. This was a definite must have when I spotted it at the store. The pictures depict some beautiful Arctic wildlife.

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On - This is a book we already had. It is super fun and educational for the baby and toddler set. Every page has a different number of fish. The eyes of each fish are cut out. Kingston likes to try to put his little finger in the holes, which is good for hand-eye coordination. This is a colorful counting book that shouldn't be missed!

Ocean Wonders (Sparkling Slide Book) - This is a super fun interactive book with pull out pages. Each page has a clue or a question and then you slide out a flap in the book to see which sea animal it is. The pictures have sparkly bits on them which is always a plus in this house! Kingston loves pulling out the sliding pictures and then pushing them back in again. This is an adorable book!

Sea Monsters (Googlies) - This is a book I use to read to the toddlers at my daycare before Kingston was born. When I spotted it at the store, I had to have it for him. This book has big googly eyes that continue through every page. When I read it, I read it in an Australian accent. Don't ask me why. It's just necessary! Kingston likes this book because it has both sea creatures and a puppy. Puppies are his favorite!

The Rainbow Fish  - This is the board book version of the beloved children's classic. This book should be a staple in every child's bookshelf. It teaches littles a great lesson on friendship and sharing. Kingston loves to point at the sparkly scales on the colorful rainbow fish.

I Spy in the Ocean - This is one of the most fun books I found on my trip! This little board book takes you and baby along on a fun and informative game of "I Spy" to seek out all of the ocean friends beginning with each specific letter. This book reinforces letters and also provides an introduction to a variety of sea life! At the end of the book, there is a fun little "OCEAN" acrostic filled with fun facts for the smallest of ocean explorers.

The Adventures of Max the Minnow (Eyeball Animation): Board Book Edition - This is a book we already had also. This is an eyeball animation book which means there are a set of giant moving eyeballs embedded into the back of the book that enter into a new creature on every page. Kingston LOVES this book! We have a couple different ones. He loves grabbing the eyeballs. I love the vibrant and colorful pictures and rhyming. What I didn't like was how it talks about Max getting "fat" and all of the other sea creatures laughing at him. That kind of stuff irritates me. However, since K is just in it for the eyeballs, I will continue to read it and make up something different at that part!

The next three books I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Two of them, Baby Fish and Little Crab I picked up recently in a two pack. These are just light and fun stories about different sea creatures. They are perfect for Kingston's little hands.Sea Life (A Photographic Learning Book) came in a three pack (which is available on Amazon) and is an awesome little book that introduces baby to a huge variety of sea creatures. I love that there is just one picture with bold black wording on each page.

The last book I found deserved a picture of its own: Going Lobstering by Jerry Pallotta was my favorite find of the day! This family loves lobster and Todd and I often joke about becoming "lobsterers" to feed my addiction. I love the gorgeous illustrations in this book and the informative text. Makes me want to be a lobster lady even more .. okay well maybe I just want to be the wife of the lobster man, so that I can eat all of the delicious lobster. Lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anyone?!

We are having a ton of fun exploring all of our new ocean books. What is your favorite ocean/beach book?

And of course, I must include a picture of Kingston in each post for posterity! 


  1. I loved Rainbow Fish as a kid! I have yet to read it with my boys though.

    You should check out the board book "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean." It is adorable and would fit with your theme perfectly.

    1. It is such a great book! I will definitely check that book out Dyan! Thanks for the recommendation!