Aug 19, 2013

A Beary Good Time - Exploring Bears with Baby

It's no secret to this blog that Kingston's favorite animal (besides puppies!) is the glorious bear. He loves real bears, stuffed bears, pictures of bears, bear mobiles, bear toys, etc. He wants to own one and squeeze it 1000 times a day. He is BEARY obsessed with bears. He has quite a few bears, but last night his Aunta bought him the most adorable bear I've ever seen! He wouldn't put it down he was so excited. Today at gym class, they did a bear puppet show. K loved it of course, especially when the bear puppet came around and gave everyone a bear hug! It seemed like the world was screaming for us to formally explore bears, so when we got home that is just what we did.

We started by reading two bear themed books -We're Going on a Bear Hunt (my favorite) and Baby Bear by Ollie Bollie (his favorite!). I read bear hunt as happy as could be as Kingston continuously shoved Baby Bear in my face to be read. We ended up reading it about 10 times .. literally. K just kept pushing it at me until I had read it into the ground. He patted the bears on each page. Obsessed I tell you!

Kingston has started to say bear recently. He says, "Baabaa" and points to the bear! After we read the books, I brought out K's new stuffed bear. I pointed out all of the parts of the bear: snout, ears, fur, paws, etc. I told him that the bear was brown. Then we sang "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear"! I made the bear do all of the movements which made K laugh! Then Kingston took charge and had an all out hug-a-thon with the bear! He is the biggest love in the world. He squeezed, kissed, and tackled Mr. Bear for what seemed like forever. 

When he was finally finished squeezing his bear, we made a bear footprint. The hubby says that this does NOT look like a bear (maybe because I didn't add any arms), but I didn't want to lose the integrity of that sweet little foot. After all, that IS the main reason why we do so many print crafts! I still think it came out cute. For all intensive purposes, lets pretend that the bears fifth "leg" is its tail! ha ha.

K loved exploring his favorite animal! He will never be done with his bears though. He dragged the new guy around the house all night after this. Love I tell ya!

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