Aug 20, 2013

Handprint Zoo

Today, Kingston created a handprint zoo! I love print crafts and have had a handful (no pun intended!) of zoo animal themed print crafts saved on Pinterest to recreate with K when we visited this theme. This craft was extremely simple and I think the results are adorable. An older child could help with the detailing, but in this case that was left up to me!

For this project, you will need: a piece of white cardstock, yellow ink, silver ink, orange ink, and  a black permanent marker. 

I printed Kingston's hand three times using the three different ink colors. He was a very good sport! For the giraffe, I used my index finger to create the neck and head. Then, I sat down and filled in the the details using the marker. The yellow became a giraffe, the silver an elephant, and the orange a tiger. When we were finished, Kingston had created an adorable handprint zoo! Simple and sweet! This is definitely one of my favorite handprint keepsakes. I love it.

And in other news, today was Glam*Ma's birthday!! Glammy is such an important part of House of Burke. We wouldn't be who we are today without her. Kingston's Glams is his buddy! I must admit, she is definitely mine too! WE LOVE YOU GLAM*MA! 


  1. I love hand-print art...your elephant is especially cute! :)

  2. These turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!