Aug 5, 2013

Magic Moments Monday #3

Happy Magic Moments Monday!! It is already that time again. Have you all been busy with your families enjoying wonderful summer magic moments? I can't wait to read all about them. Thank you to all of our contributors last month. Your posts were so very wonderful! I love reading about everybody's special memories and moments.

Our magic moments:

We have had so many magical moments over here at the House of Burke over the past month! This month's magical moments have come from good times with great friends. Kingston is a super social little guy and between family outings, play dates, library storytime, events, and new classes, we have made quite a few fantastic memories and new friends! I find myself stopping often to savor a particularly magical moment, knowing that my baby is growing up so very quickly.

Here are a few of our magical moments captured on film:

Your magic moments:

The post that I chose to feature this month, is Instinct or Imitation? by Milk and Wild Roses. I love this amazing post about the way in which kids use both instinct and imitation through play. I found it both adorable and completely relatable to read about little Gabriella imitating her mama. I also loved reading about her instinctual play with the baby doll! My son does this too. He seems to know just how to play with something sometimes without being shown. When he plays with trucks and cars, he bashes them into each other and pushes them all around the house. However, when he plays with stuffed animals, he kisses and hugs them (more like smooshes them!). This post is so beautifully written and perfectly captures the magic of childhood. Babies are such sponges!

This month's magic moments:

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