Sep 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Kingston!

Dearest Kingston,

Happy 1st Birthday to the love of my life, my sweet first born, my angel boy! You turned one this past Saturday, and I can't believe it! How is it possible that an entire year has passed since your birth? One whole year of snuggling, kisses, and the best hugs ever. One whole year of getting my bearings, sleep deprivation, and some scary close calls. One whole year of learning how to be the best mother I possibly could be and appreciating every second of getting to spend time with the best baby there ever was. One year of pure, indescribable joy, love, and happiness. This has been quite the year my sweet one, and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

The 10 months that you spent tucked away inside me were beautiful and amazing. I loved every second of you moving and kicking, every second of listening to your heart beat and seeing pictures of you in utero, every second of imagining how truly perfect you would be. But none of it could have prepared me for you, my angel boy. Your perfection is unmatched. You are gorgeous, brilliant, and the most loving baby I have ever met. You are hilarious. You are mischievous. You are clever. You make me feel like the most special person in the entire world, even though you've already taken that spot. You are the sweetest little munchkin ever, and nothing could have prepared me for the insane amount of love I feel for you. You are the sun and the moon to me. You are an absolute dream. 

The past 12 months following your birth have been so very fun. Dada and I have loved every second of watching you grow and learn. You change each and every week, each and every day. Sometimes it feels like you change by the minute. You are constantly learning and achieving new things. You have constantly astounded us with your abundant knowledge and how quickly you can pick things up. The amount of words that you say, the way you can convey everything that you need us to know through sign and body language, and the way that you throw your arms around us and show us just how much you love us back is amazing to us. I have never known a baby with better communication skills than you. You have such a special way of showing us just how much we mean to you without actually being able to speak the words. You are so filled with love that you need to express it whenever you can. You are sweeter than sweet!

As each day passes, your little personality grows and shines. I know 100% that you are going to be an amazing kid because you have been the most amazing baby. I just know that you will be hilarious, brilliant, and absolutely gorgeous, because you already are all of those things. Until then though, I will cherish each baby giggle and laugh, each sweet nursing session, each kiss that I plant on your delicious soft, squishy baby cheeks. Soon you will be a full fledged toddler, and will seem more like a little boy than my little baby. But you will forever be my baby. 

I love you with all my heart and soul Kingston Alexander. I could never describe how very very much I love you. It would be absolutely impossible. You make me the happiest Mama in the world, and I am beyond honored to be your mother. You are a true blessing and the light of our lives. I hope you always remember to be yourself, because you are the very best of all, so very special. I hope that you had a very happy birthday my love. Thank you for making me a Mama and for giving me the very best year of my life. I cannot wait to spend every single year of life with you close by my side watching you grow, learn, and thrive. You have changed our lives in the very best of ways. Happy 1st Birthday precious muffin! 

I'll love you forever and always.