Sep 4, 2013

July-August Mommy & Baby Favorites

Welcome back to our Mommy and Baby Favorites series! We haven't done a favorites post all summer. As Kingston is shedding his babyhood (even typing that makes me choke up) and trading for the busy life of a young toddler, he is becoming much more preferential when it comes to what he likes and dislikes. Once he loves something, he typically stays pretty true to that love, which is why he is still playing with most of the toys that I have featured every month. We are still using all of the same products too for the most part! Because of this, i'm not sure if I will continue this monthly or switch it to bi-monthly, but I do love the idea of being able to look back at what my little guy liked (and what I was loving for him) when he is older! So with that being said, here is what K and I have been loving for him this summer!

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - This walker was given to us by a friend before Kingston was born, and it has been so much fun to see him grow into it. A few months ago, he would intently sit in front of and open and shut the door on the front, press all of the buttons, and turn the wheels. Now, he zooms around the house using it while simultaneously playing with it. Sometimes he using it backwards, sometimes forwards. He also likes to flip it across the room (his new VERY loud obsession), and rip out the center piece. We use the phone to pretend to call Dada, the Glamparents, and Aunta. All around this is a great toy. When he first started walking with it, I thought it was too flimsy as a walker, but now that he is barely holding on, it does a great job!

Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider - This was one of the gifts we gave to Kingston for his first Christmas. He is OBSESSED with it. Hands down this is his favorite toy. He loves to push the button over and over again and dance to all of the baby-fied jams, sit on it and scoot, or use it in walker mode. He also like to flip it upside down and lay on the ground examining the underneath of it like he is a little mechanic. I like to take pics of him on it while he is wearing his Sons of Anarchy tshirt or sunglasses. So precious! He knows that it is a motorcycle and will point or crawl to it if I tell him to go get it. He also will do the same if I sing "I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like tooooooo MOVE IT!" Yup it's a party over HEAH!

Big Board First 100 Animals - Kingston loves these over-sized Roger Priddy books. They are a colorful, have a million pictures, and teach a bunch of great concepts. We have tons of them! He likes to pull them into his lap and read them by himself, pointing out the different animals or objects that he recognizes. 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy - This is the first toy that Todd and I bought for K when we found out we were pregnant with him. Up until recently, he didn't have that much interest in him. Now however, I keep this puppy on the opposite side of his crib (along with a pile of books and some miscellaneous toys) and when he wakes up in the morning he plays with it. He never lets that poor puppy finish a song or statement before he is pressing something new. Mostly he just likes to squeeze the puppy hard until he is saying 400 different things! We have the dancing version of this too, but Kingston doesn't like it. It is hard (not huggable which is a big offense to K!) and basically just falls over and sings into the floor. If you are considering which version to get, I would stick with the classic! 

Play Tent Tunnel - Kingston loves his tunnel that Aunta bought for him! He loves crawling into it to retrieve things and playing peekaboo. Even the puppy joins in the fun and they chase each other in and out of there. It is a great toy for developing gross motor skills. He loves using the tunnels at gym class now too!

My Gym - We signed Kingston up for gym class at the end of July. They were having unlimited classes, so we started going a couple times a week. Kingston loves it!! He loves the kids, the stuffed animals, all the interesting things to climb! We have met a ton of people and really enjoy it there. We go as a family on the weekends and by ourselves during the week. It is such a great place to meet other families with kids the same age, and for Kingston to socialize with other babies while learning very important gross motor skills. He has already gotten so much stronger and can pretty much climb anything at this point! He loves doing flips and tumbling. He also loves singing songs and doing "bye bye hands". I am so glad we signed up!

The First Years Take and Toss Feeding Set - We love this brand of sippys, snack cups, bowls, and utensils! I first used these when I was teaching daycare. We used them even with beginner sippy users. However, with Kingston I tried quite a few sippys before I realized that these will always be the best choice for us. He loves them and does really well with them! Every other sippy seems to make him gag. We also couldn't live without the snack cups/bowls. We use them constantly for travel, food storage, and as serving bowls. The utensils are perfect and adorable too. 

Boiron - Camilia Teething Relief - If you have a teething baby/child in the house, you HAVE to have Camilia. I'm serious. Order some RIGHT NOW! This stuff is pure gold. It's amazing. I will never be without it. This stuff has gotten us naturally through 4 teeth so far (two bottom and two top) which are supposed to be pretty hard. We have only had to give Tylenol once or twice. This stuff does what it says it will and it does it naturally. I can't say enough good things about it. They sell it on Amazon (by far the best price) and also at Whole Foods where I pick it up when I don't have the forethought to order it far enough ahead of time. Seriously, get some. You will thank me!

Gund Sesame Street Cookie Monster Plush - Kingston's newest character love is Cookie Monster. He has only watched Sesame Street once or twice and doesn't have much interest, but he DOES have an innate interest in Cookie. This tickles both Todd and I because we are secret Cookie Monster lovers. Todd has always had a thing for Cookie (I think he can relate to him!), and I have pretty much decided he is the only character that I can tolerate Kingston wearing or owning. Kingston and I even have matching Cookie Monster pajamas. Are you imagining what a sight this is as you read? Anyway, we were at Nordstrom a month or so back, and K spotted this. He wouldn't quit pointing and reaching until Aunta gave it to him for a hug. He wouldn't let go of it, so being the softie that she is, Aunta bought it for him! He loves it. He feeds it lunch while in his high chair and brings it in the ball pit with him. Super cuteness!

Damask Boppy Cover - I bought myself this boppy cover as a 9 month nursing gift to myself. I spotted it in Target and it was limited edition. I couldn't resist! I love damask! This is my one mama favorite!

Benjamin B Bear - Benjamin B. Bear is Kingston's favorite stuffed animal. He loves this bear! He snuggles him harder than I've ever seen anything be snuggled before. He loves him! We dress him up in a diaper, do babyschool activities with him, and make him do silly things. Kingston loves all his stuffed animals, but B.B. Bear is his favorite for sure! 

So there you have it, our favorites from the past two months! I'm sure we will be doing September favorites since Kingston's 1st birthday is sure to bring an entire new selection of toys. Make sure to check back next month for some new favorites!

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  1. Those are some great suggestions. It is always good to know what is kid tested and Mama approved. Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I pinned it.