Sep 6, 2013

Kingston's 1st Birthday Gifts

Can you believe my baby is turning 1? He was 4 months old when I started this blog! Now he is getting so grown up, and his birthday is two weeks from tomorrow! Oh be still my heart. I can't even believe it. I have been hard at work planning his party for months now. He is having an ABC themed party with a primary colors color scheme. I have been working on every little detail: painting, printing, packing, planning. One of the most fun things that comes with a birthday, especially the very special and very exciting FIRST one, is buying/making the gifts!

We love giving gifts. We love getting gifts. We are gift people! Anyone that knows me personally knows that I have birthday, Christmas, Easter gifts, (even some Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day gifts!) tucked away downstairs for Kingston for the next several years. You call that crazy? I call that prepared. When I see a deal, I snatch it up. I have the space downstairs in my craft room to store it, so why not! I am a bargain hunter. I love finding great deals. I'm sure that the following post of what we bought Kingston for his 1st birthday may seem excessive to some, but rest assure I got a great deal on each item! And, he is our first. This is all so new and exciting to us! We get so much pleasure in seeing his little face light up when he loves something. He uses each and every toy he owns and loves to play all day. Giving him his special gifts will be a really fun part of his birthday, and we are really excited! With that being said, here is what we bought him for his birthday!

His birthday is on September 21, and his party is the following day. I wanted him to be able to open gifts on his actual birthday, so he will receive this ABC basket that I put together for him on the real day! 
The content of the basket include - 

Discovery Kids ABC's Fabric Play Set - I got this after the holidays on super clearance! It is an amazing giant hanging felt board alphabet with uppercase and lowercase fabric letters that adhere as well as matching pictures and a place to form words. 
Wooden ABC Puzzle - I got this at the Dollar Tree! 
ABC Flashcards - (Dollar Bin at Target!)
LMNO Peas - This is an adorable ABC book that I picked up at Costco!  
Alphasaurus - I found this dinosaur themed alphabet book on clearance at TJ Maxx!
Animal ABC DVD 
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (and other stories) DVD

So those are the gifts K will open up the day he turns 1! The following day at his birthday party, he will open up his three larger gifts. 

Little Tikes Cozy Truck - This is the first gift that we bought from him and something we knew we would purchase for his 1st birthday since he was born! We think it is the most adorable little push truck ever. I love that it has a tailgate for him to put all of his finds (or Mr. Bear!) and it honks. I am so excited to see him tooling around in this. I know he is going to LOVE it! 

Name Puzzle - I ordered this hand carved name puzzle for Kingston off of Etsy from Webber Educational Products. I am in love with it. It is so cool! Using this puzzle, Kingston will learn letter recognition, color recognition, name recognition, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and so much more. I think personalized toys are so much fun. 

The last gift we got him is a biggie! 

Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber - After seeing Kingston's amazing climbing skills at the gym, we knew we had to get him his own climber! Obviously this is an investment gift, something that he will grow into and that all subsequent children (and friends!) can use. We are going to keep this set up in the playroom all fall/winter and move it outside in the spring and summer. I researched climbers for several days and chose this one for many reasons. I liked the different climbing walls, the multiple steering wheels, and the awesome space underneath that doubles as a hideout or a SANDBOX!! I am so excited to set this up for him. He is going to flip over it and totally love it once it is put together. 

We also got him a personalized ABC book from Shutterfly that will double as his guestbook. Pictures of that to come when I go over party details! The book is AMAZING! 

So there you have it, Kingston's 1st birthday gifts from us! I will highlight some of the fun things he got after his party also. My father in particular made Kingston the most spectacular gift that I can't wait to share! Before his party, I plan on packing up some older toys that he doesn't play with (which will be hard since he plays with everything) to make room for new items. I am so excited to celebrate our sweet boy, watch him smash his cake, and have fun with all of his guests. It is going to be a great day! 

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