Sep 18, 2013

Learning with a Name Train (Transportation Tuesday)

Ok, so technically it is Wednesday, but I am back with the second installment in our Transportation Tuesday saga this week, our activity: Learning with a Name Train!

We were gifted this adorable name train by our wonderful cousin Stephanie when Kingston was first born. Someone she knew made and sold them. Until now, it has sat displayed on his bookcase in the nursery. However, I thought it was about time that we used it for some play and learning time. If you would like to own your own name train, I found them being sold on Etsy at Wooden Toys by Gene. You could also make one yourself easily by getting some wooden train pieces at the craft store, painting some wooden letters and gluing them on! 

 He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. He hasn't really played with trains before. We have read his train books and he has even gone on a "tractor" train ride, but he has yet to just sit and play with a train. I let him explore it on his own for a little bit. I was pleased that he was able to push the entire train along the floor. That takes coordination for sure because it easily comes apart.

He started running his fingers over the colorful letters and at his cue, I jumped in with some learning time! 

The train says his name both backwards and forwards which is pretty neat. I started by pointing out each let to him. I said, "K- I- N- G- S-T-O-N spells Kingston!" He got right up to the train to take a closer look. 

Then I began pointing out colors. He plopped down on his tummy to examine them further. He was very interested in each letter and color. 

Then he sat up and we started to talk about the train itself. I showed him the different parts of the train. He played with the caboose and then the locomotive. I also showed him all the passenger and freight cars. He loved zooming his train around and listening to me say "Choo Choo!" He even tried to say it himself. I wish I could have gotten a video of it! 

So, I was never much of a train enthusiast. When I was little, Thomas the Train was the most boring show in the world to me. I would groan and change the channel as soon as it came on. I just wasn't into it. I'm still not, though if Kingston decides he likes him I will of course love him too. However, I have to say it was so fun watching my little boy light up over his new train. He knew exactly what to do with it like it was ingrained in him. I loved watching him explore and play. He has always loved everything with wheels, so I am positive that this will not be the last time he dabbles in train play! 

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