Sep 3, 2013

Transportation Tuesday - Airplane Week!

Welcome to the very first Transportation Tuesday post! I am so thrilled to be teaming up with Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails to bring you a month long series featuring a craft and activity from a different mode of transportation each week! This week is all about airplanes. Prior to this week, Kingston had only seen airplanes in books. I was excited to put together a few activities to introduce him to the concept. He is obsessed with cars, trucks, and vehicles in general, so I knew he would love exploring planes!

While out picking up birthday party items this weekend, I picked up two small colorful planes. Using those, white pom poms, and blue tissue paper, I made a fun little sensory bin for Kingston to explore!

He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. In fact, he cried the entire time I made it (the behind the scenes of doing activities with babies!). It was hilarious to watch him shut his tears off and shriek with excitement as soon as I set it down on the rug. He went straight for the airplanes!

(I apologize for the following blurry pictures. He was moving so quickly, I could hardly get a shot in! Oh and I couldn't resist dressing him up in a coordinating outfit of course!)

He was mesmerized by the airplane. He spun the wheels and the propeller, but mostly he just turned it over and over observing every bit of it. I explained to him that it was an airplane and demonstrated how an airplane flies in the air. He thought that was great and kept handing it back to me so that I would do it again and again! Then he briefly turned his attention to the "clouds" and "sky" that were in the bin.

He grabbed a handful of pom poms, threw them over his shoulder, and then turned back to the airplanes. He was so excited during this activity that he was almost frantic. He couldn't decide what he wanted to play with. I was so glad that he was so intrigued. 

As he examined the planes, I pointed out the colors and the different parts: the wings, propeller, wheels, body, tail, etc. He absolutely loved spinning the propeller. He spent a good 5 minutes twirling it around and around deep in thought. I always wonder what he is thinking about as he explores a completely new concept.

  Then, he turned his attention back to the clouds and sky. He ripped the tissue paper out, crinkled it up, and threw it behind him. Then he started taking the each pom pom out and throwing it over his shoulder. I started saying "1...2...3...Fly!" as he launched them. He loved it and we played this game for a bit.

After that, he did the most adorable thing. He dumped the entire bucket out, then gingerly picked each pom pom up (amazing fine motor skill workout!!) and placed them in the bucket. Then he wildly smacked the bin and sent all of the white clouds flying into the sky. After, he would pick them all back up and do it again and again! It was adorable. 

When he was done with the sensory bin, we did an airplane print craft! I had seen this once on Pinterest and wanted to try it. I printed his little foot in silver and then created the airplane. I added a few clouds for decoration. I think it is adorable!

Kingston was tuckered out after his afternoon of airplane fun. So we snuggled up and pointed out a few planes in his books and rocked to sleep. Here is my little 11 month old pilot all sweet and snuggly:

Don't forget to head over to Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails to see there adorable Clothespin Airplanes and Chalkboard Placemat Landing Strip! And make sure to check back throughout the week to see a couple more airplane related crafts and activities!

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  1. I just love the pom pom picture with them flying in the air! What fun ideas you had and he looked like he loved it a lot. I cant wait to see what other fun ideas you share this week.

    1. Thanks Jaime! Haha that was my favorite too! He was so hilarious putting them all nicely in the bowl so that he could wildly launch them into the air!

  2. LOVE this! Excited to see more in the series

  3. That is a fun sensory bin. I love the footprint plane and the cute picture of your little one sleeping! Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I pinned it.

    1. Aww thanks Theresa! :) I can't resist taking a million sleeping pics!